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6 Things to Do If You’re Stuck at Home Over Winter Break

Stuck home over winter break? After the excitement of coming home wears off and you remember you aren’t going away during break, you might be getting a little restless or a little bored. Here are a few ideas that you can try if you are stuck at home over break!



Try a new recipe! Become a master at one or two recipes. Make a goal to cook a perfect egg or make brownies from scratch and then get to cooking! Invite friends, do it with the family or even on your own; cooking can be a fun and relaxing stay-at-home activity. With a plethora of websites out there like AllRecipesFood Network, or  Food Gawker there are never ending choices for things to make!


Working Out

During winter break it is easy to fall into the rut of being lazy and sometimes we just need to move! So shake it out!  Going to the gym or doing some at-home work outs will stir up your endorphins after all the holiday cookies and eggnog. Kick the winter blues in the butt, boost your serotonin levels and get moving. There are a bunch of online videos on YouTube or at blogilates.com



Make Over 

Sometimes there is nothing more fun than giving yourself a make over. Try out some new make up products or some unique looks that could work for different occasions! Change up your hair style or just add a new eye shadow color. Pretend that you are one of the make up artists from the SyFy TV show Face Off! The show is all about exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and all the different things that they can do. Check out some fun tutorials! 



Community Service 

Get out there during winter break and create some good karma by doing community service. Go and help your local soup kitchen or find an organization near you that resonates with you and spend a couple hours helping others in need.


Movie/ TV Marathon 

During winter break sometimes you just want to kick back and throw yourself into the storyline of either an old favorite or a brand new TV Show or movie. If you have a Netflix account, watch out, this could go on for a prolonged period of time. IMDB has a list of about 250 “top” movies that can get you started.


Get a Head Start of Next Semester

Start reviewing some material that you know will covered in some of your next semester courses! You will be ahead of the game when you get back to school in January and the professor will be impressed that you already have some background on the general course topics.




Hopefully some of these ideas will help you stay occupied during break if you find yourself in need of something to do! Hope all our collegiettes have a fun and safe winter break! See you guys next year! 

I am a sophomore here at Connecticut College. Go Camels! My plan is to double major in Computer Science and Art, tying them together with the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. My home town is Stormville,NY a tiny hamlet two hours north of the big NYC. This year on campus I am a Student Advisor for incoming freshmen, a Peer Tutor as well as a Her Campus writer. I'm really into public art, mason jars, coffee, snuggly sweaters and kittens.
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