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6 Stages of Shopping for Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Lilly Pulitzer for Target launched Sunday, April 19th at 6:00 am and was said to have sold out online and in stores within just a few hours. According to Today.com, “Lines formed early outside many Target stores, and as shoppers noted, the sections featuring Pulitzer’s prize items were gone in minutes.” Whether you eagerly traveled to Target in the wee hours of the morning for the release, or accepted defeat of #lillyfortarget, check out these 5 stages of realizing the end of the dream of buying inexpensive Lilly Pulitzer.

1. Sunday, April 19th, 5:59 am: The anticipation and the wait

You are full of excitement and nerves as you wait on the long line outside of a nearby Target.

2. You finally see a Target employee unlock the door. You are came here for a reason and are not going to let other people get in your way. As soon as people start walking in, you run as fast as you can, pushing past all the people originally ahead of you in line. 

3. After you have finally reached the section, you eyes quickly scan the racks and you spot an adorable romper you immediately know you NEED for this summer! You still cannot get over how adorable it is!

4. As you reach for the adorbs romper, a mom comes out of nowhere and grabs it at the same time as you. You both stand there for an awkward moment looking at each other. All of a sudden, you end up arguing with the mom for what you think is a couple of minutes (but actually 30 minutes) over the romper and get into a cat fight.

5. As you finally allow the mother to take the romper away from you, you realize that all the time you were spending arguing over the romper caused you to lose track of time. You looked at the shelves surrounding you realized they were all empty.

6. Though you slowly walk out of Target feeling all different types of emotions–angry, sad, depressed–you still have hope that there will be a next time to find affordable Lilly Pulitzer galore! 

Icon Picture from: https://www.toovia.com/lists/everything-you-need-to-know-about-lilly-pul…

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