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6 Anticipated Fall Albums

Nowadays, it feels like everyone is dropping albums without any promo beforehand. While that’s a fun surprise for fans, it also results in a lot of lost sleep while frantically trying to memorize words instead of studying for that upcoming calculus exam. Here are some albums we know are coming this fall, so markup your calendars and apologize to your neighbors in advance, because this Fall is going to hold quite a few loud dance parties.

  • Disclosure

With tracks featuring Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Lorde, and so many more, Disclosure’s album called Caracal, to be released on September 25th, is sure to hold hits that outdo their past pump-up tunes like “Latch.” Get ready to play these songs at all your future bashes, because if the rest of the album is anything like the album’s first single, “Holding On” ft. Gregory Porter, then this will be the electronic album of the year.

  • One Direction

After Zayn left the band, we were all crushed…but we persevered(!) and that strength is being rewarded with an album to be released in the upcoming months. No release date has been revealed yet: however, this album is going to be a big jump for the band. After singing for 5 years with the angelic voice of Zayn Malik, how will the rest of the members pull together to woo their fans one last time before their upcoming hiatus? It’s the question of the century, but if their latest single, “Drag Me Down,” has anything to say about the band, it’s that they’ll be just peachy without wonderboy Zayn.

  • 5 Seconds of Summer

Not to harp on the boy bands, but after these guys have had summer hits for the past two years in a row (“She Looks So Perfect” and “She’s Kinda Hot”), this album is sure to have some fun dance-y tracks on it. Sounds Good Feels Good is due to be released on October 23rd, but you can already go check out four of the songs that have been released as singles in the past few weeks!

  • Little Mix

Ok, we swear this is the last pop group on this list! Little Mix released its single “Black Magic” last month, and it’s so much fun! It should be on everybody’s pregame playlist. Their album is due to be released on November 6th, and it’s called Get Weird, so we can’t wait to do exactly that once it comes out.

  • Justin Bieber

He cried at the VMAs because he was so overwhelmed to have such a warm welcome back on stage, so after a long break from performing, Bieber’s album is number one on our most anticipated albums this year. His hit single, “What Do You Mean?,” is so fun to sing along to, so we can’t wait to see what else our boy Justin has got in store for us. He hasn’t released a date yet, but it’s rumored for early November right now. 

  • Frank Ocean

FRANK, WHEN IS YOUR ALBUM COMING OUT. That’s not the name of the album, that’s just us pleading with Frank Ocean to finally release his long awaited album: Boys Don’t Cry. Earlier this year, he announced that his album would be out in July. Then July came and went and so did August. So at this point, we must all just wait in tense silence until he deems it The. Right. Time. Until that moment, why not keep listening to his last album, ORANGE. It’s still as amazing as ever. PLEASE FRANK.

Get your dancing pants on because these albums will be trending in no time!

Anne Colletta is a senior at Connecticut College, she is majoring in Art History and is a candidate for a Museum Studies Certificate. She is from Long Island, and loves social media, boy bands, and antiquing on weekends.
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