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I’ve always been told to make lemons out of lemonade. However, nobody told me what to do once the lemons began to lose their flavor and fade into the mundane. Lately, the dining hall food has started to taste more like routine, and less like your usual blend of pasta, pizza, and roasted chicken offerings. Despite this, lemonade can still be made out of the dining hall lemons on campus. Will they taste like lemonade? No, but they’ll be full of other flavors!  Below is a freshly compiled list of my favorite new snacks on campus that will intensify your want to visit the dining hall.

Avocado Toast

Sure, Harris has their take on Avocado Toast once a week, but that’s once a week—my recipe is forever. Take your selected piece of bread from the rack, and toast it until it’s a beautiful brown or however you prefer. Nine out of ten times there will be guacamole in the salad bar. Lather your well toasted bread with guacamole and add other ingredients upon preference. I personally love to add feta and then sriracha for a kick. Avocado toast is a great light snack or breakfast item for when you lose interest in the oatmeal and typical “scrambled” eggs. 

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

For those of you with a sweet tooth that craves for a warm chocolate sensation post meal, this is your golden ticket. Gather your cookies from the bakery stations in Harris and JA, but don’t let your journey stop there. The toasters were made to take these cookies to the next level. Warm up your cookies in the toaster and you will simultaneously warm  up your heart with the hot gooey chocolate chips. They’re a fantastic way to end a meal, begin a meal, or be a meal in itself. I have also used them as midday pick me up!

Paninis from the press

I love a sandwich, but a warm pressed sandwich made with freshly baked bread coated with olive oil and pesto is my love language. This Works best at JA, so if your location is set to Harris, the product may vary. JA is home to a variety of freshly baked breads that beg to be doused in butter and drenched in oils of your liking. I prefer to make a deluxe pesto grilled cheese. To begin, I slather pesto on my artisan bread and add provolone and onions. I transport it to the panini press, and let the magic begin. 

Iced Coffee

Nothing much to say, but it’s iced. Served only at JA, this iced coffee blends well with flavor shots and almond or oat milk. Be your own barista and start the day off caffeinated!

Ice cream COokie Sandwich

Lately, I’ve been having ice cream almost every night due to the extenuating circumstances on campus. However, I have recently discovered a new sweet treat that rivals Sunday Sundaes. Remember the warm pressed chocolate chip cookies? In order to enhance the dish and flavor, I suggest adding a scoop of your favorite ice cream between the two cookies. A decadent dessert, this DIY ice cream cookie sandwich will satisfy your sweet tooth and craving to do more with your Harris Food. 

I hope I’ve provided you with a way to spice up your meals and routine at the dining halls on campus. In addition to the great food already served, these are some easy ways to break up routine and add flavor to your days. 

Meredith Harper

Conn Coll '24

Meredith Harper is a sophomore at Connecticut College. She loves to write, listen to music, and hangout with friends.
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