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5 Ways To Care For Your Hair This Winter!

We all dread it– dry, brittle hair with split ends is unavoidable during the winter months. Take charge and pamper your locks this winter! These hassle free products will keep your hair feeling healthy and smooth all winter long!

1. Moroccan Oil
This winter, make sure your hair not only feels healthy, but looks healthy too! We discovered the how amazing Moroccan Oil treatment was after the Her Campus College Fashion week in Boston! We now swear by it! This product leaves hair feeling soft, strong, and revitalized. Buy it here!    

2. Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo
Ever think you have dandruff, but it’s in very tiny flakes? A little known, but really important fact about your hair is that it has wax in it! Those tiny flakes may be built up wax from over time. Whether it’s the shampoo you use or your post-shower product, most of them include wax! Wax isn’t necessarily bad for your hair, but when it builds up it makes hair harder to manage and heavier too. With the winter weather headed our way, we want the easiest, lightest hair to manage. Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo is a wax free product that can be used once a week to eliminate excess wax from your hair.  Buy it here! 

3. Miracle 7 Hair Care Products

We know girls who swear by this product. Miracle 7 has a few extra features compared to your every day leave-in mist: Miracle 7 protects colored hair, adds shine and protects against split ends. What could be better? Buy it here!

4. Head & Shoulders
Even if you don’t have dandruff, these great smelling shampoos and conditioners moisturize and protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle. This is especially important in the winter and they will leave your hair will be looking silky and flake free. We love Head & Shoulders because all their products are very affordable and can be found at any drug store! 

5. Natural Treatments
Natural remedies used to moisturize and recover hair from a long summer are easy to make and are inexpensive too! Who knew mixing brown sugar and olive oil could be a great scalp scrub? Check here for the recipes!

What product do you swear by?! Even though it is finals week, don’t let your hair feel the wrath! 

Caroline is a Senior at Connecticut College, studying Psychology and Art. From childhood, her dream has been to work in the fashion industry. This past Summer Caroline was fashion intern at Marie Claire magazine and most recently worked for BCBG, her all time favorite brand, for fashion week. When she isn't busy, Caroline loves to make art, read, go on adventures with friends, shop and curl up in yoga pants and a cozy sweater. After graduation, Caroline plans to return to New York City and continue to follow her passion in the fashion industry. Follow Caroline on Instagram at @carodacosta or on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/sweetcarol1n3/boards/
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