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5 Unique-ish Ways to Decorate your Dorm

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to come up with creative ways to decorate my dorm room that make it feel personal and homey.  Having a welcoming and calming living space is of utmost importance to me.  Not only does it help me cope with homesickness, having a fun and inspiring environment helps me maintain a positive mindset in general.  Although my dorm room is far from Pinterest-worthy, and I am by no means an interior designer, I have come up with a few unique-ish (emphasis on ish) ways to spruce up a small living space.  

Postcard/Art Print Wall

This year I had the, in my opinion, genius idea to decorate a blank wall in my room with a conglomerate of art prints.  I thought it would be a cute way to display some of my many interests in a fun, eye-catching collage.  Redbubble has a ton of amazing artwork from independent artists.  I purchased ten postcards that had an inspirational quote I loved, displayed one of my favorite idols (aka RBG), shouted out a TV show/movie I was a fan of, or was simply a piece of art I enjoyed looking at.  The great thing about Redbubble is that the more items you buy, the bigger the discount they give you.  I shared this idea with some friends and we all went in on an order of postcards together, giving us 20% off of our order.  It was so fun to arrange the postcards in an aesthetically pleasing way, and I am already planning on placing another order soon to expand my wall of art prints.

Cork Board Collages

Maybe I am the only one who does this, but I tend to collect random pins and stickers, and then I never do anything with them.  The pins and stickers lay discarded and forgotten in a desk drawer and are subsequently a sign of wasted potential and wasted money.  The summer before my first year of college, I pulled out all of these pins and stickers and decided that I wanted to display them in my dorm room, but I wasn’t sure how.  I eventually came up with the idea to get a 4-pack of circular cork boards from Amazon.  I stuck the pins directly into the corkboard and then used thumbtacks to attach the stickers and other random cards/art to the boards.  The cork boards turned out looking amazing, and it was a great way to make a fun collage with somewhat random things I had collected throughout the years.  Command Strips worked perfectly in attaching the cork boards to my dorm wall, and there are a lot of different ways to arrange them on a wall.  I highly recommend experimenting with cork boards as dorm decorations!

T-Shirt Blanket

This may not be a very creative idea, but I have not seen many people with t-shirt blankets in their dorms.  My mom got me a t-shirt blanket as a graduation present, and I absolutely love it.  I had so many t-shirts that were either too small or that I just never wore anymore, and making them into a blanket is a great way to give those shirts another use.  Making a t-shirt blanket can be a fun DIY project for you, or you can do what my mom did and send the shirts to an Etsy shop that specializes in making these blankets.  My t-shirt blanket is so soft, and I use it all the time, but if you don’t need another blanket, another use for it is for it to be hung as a tapestry.  A t-shirt blanket would take up a lot of space on a blank wall and would add a personal touch to your dorm.

Salt Lamp/Diffuser

There have been many times throughout my experience at college where I have been extremely stressed and overwhelmed in my dorm room.  Having a few relaxing decorations that give off zen vibes can be super helpful during those stressful times.  I have a small salt lamp on my desk and a diffuser on my dresser which both help to keep me sane when I am struggling.  My particular salt lamp has a multicolor light so it creates a very calming atmosphere with the switching colors.  I also love having a diffuser, especially since candles are not permitted, because it keeps my room smelling fresh and keeps me relaxed.  Peppermint and lavender are my favorite essential oils to diffuse when I am particularly anxious or if I am struggling to fall asleep at night.  Whether it is a salt lamp, an essential oil diffuser, or something else entirely, I highly recommend getting some decorations for your room that help ease stress and anxiety.

Magnets for your Fridge

This year, I decided to get a few magnets for my fridge and, although it is a small change, it really has made my room feel more homey and personalized.  In the past, I have felt that my fridge was the eyesore of my room.  The shiny silver finish always stuck out like a sore thumb against my otherwise bright and colorful space.  The few magnets that I put on my fridge this year have truly made a big difference in making my fridge more aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at.  Sometimes it really is the smallest changes that make the biggest difference!

Sarah Hennig

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Sarah Hennig is a sophomore at Conn who loves to read and write. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her friends.
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