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During a busy day, I find myself listening to more and more podcasts. They make the perfect companion to walking around campus or doing chores. Less of a commitment than a TV show that I need to be focused on or an audiobook that is hours long, podcasts are a great way to feel like I am taking a break and doing something for myself even when I am multitasking. That being said, I feel like new podcasts are so hard to find. There are millions of them, and some of them can be so niche I don’t know whether or not they’re any good. So, if you are in that same boat and are looking for some good podcasts to keep you company, here are some of my favorites:

Two Chunks and a Hunk

Two Chunks and a Hunk is one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to every week! Don’t let the name catch you off guard; they are a movie review podcast and have covered everything from animated films, to horror, to Best Picture winners. Every movie is ranked on their “scientific cinema scale,” ranging from the best thing they could say about a movie: Own it, don’t lend it, buy that poster—to the worst thing they could say: God hath forsaken us. In addition to their Thursday movie reviews, they also release short episodes on Mondays where they play movie related games or talk more freely about pop culture news. 

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

We Can Do Hard Things is my go-to inspirational podcast. I read Glennon Doyle’s memoir, Untamed, six months ago, and I absolutely loved it. Her podcast where she frequently talks with her wife, Abby Wambach, expands on her book and continues the conversation around femininity, their experiences as queer women, and how we can all do hard things. I highly recommend this podcast, especially if you need someone to pump you up while also being real. 

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is a psychology podcast where the host sits down with experts to discuss why people act the way they do. Some episodes include what happens in your brain that makes scrolling through social media so addictive, how hookup culture works from a sociological perspective, and how laughter conveys tons of information. Whenever I listen to a Hidden Brain episode, I always feel like I have learned such fun new things. They are interesting, but also super accessible to the public. You don’t need any prior knowledge to understand and enjoy each episode. 

The Daily

If you have looked for podcast recommendations before, odds are you have heard of The Daily. The Daily is the New York Times’ news podcast. Every weekday morning (and some Sundays, too!) The Daily releases one stand out news story from that day in the form of a bite-size podcast episode. Most episodes are only 20-30 minutes long, so they are super easy to listen to on a commute or while you are getting ready. Listening frequently is a really easy way to stay informed on what’s going on in the world. 

You Can Sit With Us

If you are like me, you probably went through a phase where you really liked the Try Guys Youtube videos. You Can Sit With Us is a weekly podcast hosted by the wives of the Try Guys that can best be described as chatty. The bio of the podcast reads “Maggie, Becky, and Ariel are your new best friends,” and that’s honestly what You Can Sit With Us feels like. If you are looking to just chill out and listen to friends catch up, You Can Sit With Us is a great choice. They are always positive, and each of the hosts bring their own unique taste to whatever is going on in their lives on that particular day. 

Caitlin Boyd

Conn Coll '24

Caitlin Boyd is a sophomore at Connecticut College studying neuroscience. She loves writing everything from book recs, to music reviews, to campus life experiences! If you see Caitlin around Conn, she is probably looking fascinated by the campus squirrels.
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