5 Easy Pieces to Transition Your Wardrobe for the Chillier Months Ahead

Connecticut can be oh-so-charming during the autumn months: the abundance of multicolored leaves, the countless cups of hot cocoa, the way the weather makes us swear we have frostbite. Wait a sec… that last one isn’t so desirable!

Don’t let yourself freeze to death; here are five articles of clothing and accessories to invest in so you can keep warm and cozy without sacrificing your precious warmer weather favorites - because what’s more adorable than neon, lace, or floral prints? (Hint: nothing)


1.     The Waffle-Knit Henley

If you have a favorite short-sleeve top, whether neon pink or adorned with ruffles, layering it over a waffle-knit Henley is the perfect solution to getting rid of goosebumps on your arms but still being able to rock the look.  The standard white goes with practically anything, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Forest green or slate gray are totally legitimate options.


2.     Opaque Black Tights

Have a favorite pastel skirt or dress that practically screams “Happy Easter!” ? Channel your inner winter fairy princess by slipping on some opaque black tights beneath the dress to add some warmth along with a sophisticated edginess. The thicker and darker they are, the better!


3.     Equestrian-Style Boots (or any boots, for that matter)

Ladies, we work out too hard at the athletic center not to show off our well-toned thighs and calves! However, when the sky threatens to release the elements upon us, flaunting what we’ve got takes a back seat to keeping covered.  If there’s no sign on snow yet, combat boots or equestrian boots are a great way to make a statement with ripped jeans, gauzy/flowy skirts.  However, plus five points if you pair a dress with snow boots because you can’t not look super cute!


4.     Chunky Sweater

Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a boyfriend-fit sweater? If you simply cannot put your sandals away (darn you, Jack Rogers!!), this sweater is your savior.  Popping a loose-fitting, thick-knit sweater over a tight skirt not only has great juxtaposition, but you can also pair it with sandals and not look as though you’re confused about your geography (no, my friends, Florida is sadly not located in Connecticut).


5.     A Really Warm Hat

Sometimes we neglect one of the most important parts of our body – our noggin.  Perhaps the easiest way to keep warm, a wool beanie in a bright color like mustard can accent those turquoise-dyed skinny jeans of yours in a tasteful way that not only highlights your impeccable style, but also your season-savvy ways!