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Here are some great movies to get you in the Halloween mood!
With only one day left before the big day, it’s time to get excited! These movies will make you laugh, scream and get fired up for the scariest holiday of the year! 

1. The Little Vampire


Seriously, who doesn’t like The Little Vampire? It’s a halloween classic! And the cutest movie about bloodsucking vampires to ever exist.

2. Halloween


Michael Myers is the only serial killer that can walk at 2 mph and still catch up with you.

3. I Know What You Did Last Summer


Oh sweet 90s. If you love Jennifer Love-Hewitt as much as we do….this is a must watch.

4. The Orphan


If you are in the mood for something really creepy and weird, then this is a movie you want to watch.

5. Scream


This movie is kinda hilarious….

6. Psycho


Because Norman Bates is both horribly terrifying and awfully attractive.

7. The Skeleton Key


After watching this film, there’s a chance that you might not trust old people ever again…

8. Se7en


Kevin Spacey will haunt my dreams forever. Also, everybody loves a distressed Brad Pitt.

9. When A Stranger Calls


Basically 90 minutes of Camilla Belle slowly walking through dark hallways. Warning: Extreme Anxiety.

10. The Birds


Very stressed after watching this. Whenever there’s a big flock of birds, we automatically run for cover.

11. Van Helsing


Cool story line and even cooler special effects.

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Do you watch this for Halloween or for Christmas…? We say go for it for both!

13. Halloweentown


Everybody loves a Disney Channel classic.

14. Hocus Pocus


Bette Midler’s career-defining performance. Amazing.

15. The Haunting in Connecticut


Because it takes place in Connecticut. Duh.

Okay, so here you are, 15 movies to get you feeling the Halloween spirit. Enjoy them during this Halloween season, either snuggled up in your bed, or you could even host a Halloween movie party and serve these delectably creepy cocktails!


Anne Colletta is a senior at Connecticut College, she is majoring in Art History and is a candidate for a Museum Studies Certificate. She is from Long Island, and loves social media, boy bands, and antiquing on weekends.
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I am a sophomore here at Connecticut College. Go Camels! My plan is to double major in Computer Science and Art, tying them together with the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. My home town is Stormville,NY a tiny hamlet two hours north of the big NYC. This year on campus I am a Student Advisor for incoming freshmen, a Peer Tutor as well as a Her Campus writer. I'm really into public art, mason jars, coffee, snuggly sweaters and kittens.
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