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13 Stages of Tent Dance

A Cro dance is fun, but a Cro dance under a tent is even better. As usual, last year’s Fall Weekend Tent Dance was a semester highlight, and this year’s will be no exception. Whether this is your first Tent Dance or you are a veteran of the not so classy night, here is a play by play how the typical night goes. Cheers to Fall Ball 2016!!!!

1. Put your “freakum dress” on

2. Arrive at pre-game ready to go (Hint: don’t make your pregame your end game)

3. Take one million and one pictures with your BFFs and so many snapchats because you’re “living with my betches #live!”

4. Finally, you make it to the infamous Tent Dance


6. Suddenly, you lose your friends in the chaos

7. Coasties or Rando guys come up to dance with you…

8. Either play along (which can lead Dance Floor Make-Out (D.F.M.O)) or sprint for your life  chances are you sprint for your life

9. Run into that girl you’ve never talked to in your Bio class, OMG!! Act like BFFs and take a selfie

10. A white foam is sprayed across the room… someone decided to play with the fire extinguisher…wait for the fog to settle…you don’t miss a beat and are on the dance floor again in 0.5 seconds

11. Dancing escalates, SAC tries to guard the DJ’s equipment…FAIL… student body storms the stage…people on tables… tables collapse

12. YOU FINALLY FIND YOUR BFFs before the night ends

13. Party gets shut down for being too rowdy, and everyone shouts to keep going. As everyone files out to find the next party, you realize you have just survived the tent dance and deserve another drink (if you’re 21+ of course). Bottom’s up!

Have a happy and safe Fall Ball Camels!

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