10 Tips for Dorm Move Out Day

1. Start moving out in phases

I know that most students are not able to go home for the weekend, but if this is possible for you, start moving things that you do not use or need out of your room a few weeks before move out day. Personally, I packed up two boxes of clothes, a couple of pairs of my winter shoes, and a lap desk to take home a month before move out day.

2. Label Everything!

I like to use clear bins to pack everything up but if you are going the cardboard box route, make sure to label everything! This will help you figure out where to put fragile boxes in the moving process and what to unpack first when you do get home.

3. Donate

A great way to save car space or storage space is to donate things you know you do not need anymore. For seniors, this may include mini fridges or shower caddies. For everyone else, clothes, unused notebooks, and books can all be resold or donated at the end of the semester. 

4. Renting storage space with a group

A great way to save money is renting a storage unit with a group of friends. This will drive down the cost and minimize the amount of stuff that you feel the need to hold on to. Similarly, renting a small U-Haul or zip car with friends will minimize the cost of actually moving all of your stuff.

5. Save packing materials

I am a big online shopper and a great way to save on things like bubble wrap or packing material is to save the materials that come with online orders. Have glass or delicate makeup palettes to protect but no bubble wrap? Substitute a padded Amazon envelope instead of a cardboard box in order to keep it safe. 

7. Get friends to help out!

My dorm has an elevator which is a huge help when moving out. However, if you think you can take 5 huge boxes down to your car in a timely manner, you are probably deceiving yourself. If you and three friends start with your room and unpack each room one by one, you will save time and energy by not moving out by yourself. 

8. Use shoe organizers

I use shoe organizers to hold everyday items like Tide Pods, stain remover, plastic utensils, dryer sheets, fruit cups, and every kind of cleaning spray or wipe. If you take advantage of big over the door shoe organizers to hold shoes and things of a similar size, you will minimize box space and space in the car. 

9. Never put jackets in boxes

Unless you are shipping things cross country, putting jackets in boxes are a huge waste of space. Get a fold up clothing organizer to put in a U-Haul or storage space and hang all of your coats on it until you need them again. You could also do what I do and just throw them in the backseat of your car. 

10. Hydrate

PSA: my mom and boyfriend are laughing at this section. I never drink water, it is a problem. However, when college students are moving out, it tends to be very hot or humid. Even if you are using the elevator or do not have that much stuff to pack up, make sure you are taking care of yourself throughout the process.