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Why you can relate to each character from Friends

Welcome! You’ve either clicked this article because you want to confirm your relation to each of these characters, or because you’re looking for a reason to watch this show. Either way I’m glad you’re here.

This TV show ended back in 2004, so why are we still talking about it? We’re still talking about it because there is an episode for everything you’ve ever felt or experienced and each of these characters plays a role that perfectly describes you at some point in your life.

Rachel Green: Played by Jennifer Aniston

Rachel, the sweet, funny and charming character, was born into a wealthy family and she was spoiled her entire life until she decided to leave her fiancé at the altar. Literally on the same day, she finds five friends that help her start from the beginning. She gets a job as a coffee barista and makes a living off of it when all she really wants to do is swipe her daddy’s credit card.

Now, even though a lot of us don’t really relate to the almost married aspect, we most definitely relate to the birth of our independence. As we get older we take on new responsibilities and always seek comfort from those who gave it to us all those years before. But, like Rachel, we are learning to make it on our own–

whether that means getting a job and paying for our own expenses or moving out and making a living on our own.

Monica Geller: Played by Courteney Cox

Monica, the competitive, crazy, yet sweet, big-hearted and organized freak is all of us in times of trouble. Monica has always been independent: she works hard to make ends meet, and keeps everything perfectly organized. You might even say she has her entire life planned out. Although, she went through a hard break-up- one that left her in a funk for a good while. The funk would have lasted a lot longer had she not had awesome, supportive friends.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of fantasizing about our future, the lifestyle we want to have and the people we want to be with. But we’ve also experienced something that changes these fantasies, something that makes our dreams seem further from reality than before, leaving our hearts broken. We’ve all had those dark days where our bed seems to swallow us whole and ice cream tastes EXTRA delicious (Shout out to Vanilla Haagen-Dazs! How YOU doin’).

Phoebe Buffay: Played by Lisa Kudrow

Alright, alright, I don’t know about you guys, but Phoebe is my spirit animal! She’s a boss, she owns her weirdness, all while being so nice, loving, and funny! Some of the things Phoebe says is exactly what we’re thinking. And if we weren’t thinking about it before she said it—we’re definitely thinking about it after she said it.

Have you ever said something to your friends, and they look at you like “what?”. Sometimes, you don’t need to be understood and you don’t seek attention from anybody. Phoebe is one hella strong and confident character; she’s a character who mirrors our personalities in some of our best moments!

Joey Tribianni: Played by Matt LeBlanc

If you haven’t learned a thing or two from Joey, then you better start learning. Even though most of us know Joey to be a womanizer, we also know he’s got his priorities straight. We all know that Joey Doesn’t. Share. Food, but under this handsome and charming eating machine lies a heart of gold that will do anything for the people that are most important to him. Surely that is something you can relate to.

So obviously, most of us can relate to the food aspect of Joey’s character, but you also relate to the caring, loving and protective part of him too. As a best friend, we do not let anyone hurt the people we love and care about the most.

Chandler Bing: Played by Matthew Perry

Sarcastic is an understatement. Awkward? Also, an understatement. Chandler, oh Chandler, how you remind me of my timid self. Sometimes, you’ve got to emphasize the important aspects of what you’re saying! Can this BE truer? A lot of the time, when Chandler is left in a situation that is awkward, he’ll say things that make absolutely no sense. He will crack jokes at job interviews, at dinner tables, even at his own wedding, but hey! Who are we to judge? No one really has the right response to every single one of their awkward moments.

I’ve tried to break the awkward silence…You know when your friend bumps into their ex and you just so happen to be with them, and you have no idea what to say? Meanwhile, they aren’t helping the situation by just standing there staring at each other like two deer in headlights. So…you’ve jumped to plan ‘C’ because your brain wasn’t ready and automatically skipped plans ‘A’ and ‘B.’ Which has lead you to say, “Well, this was nice we should do it again sometime!”

Ross Geller: Played by David Schwimmer

Oh Ross, how we love Ross…or hate him? Ross Geller, the geeky little boy that was adorable to all the aunts and uncles, is one hell of a smart guy though. Ross also tends to get himself caught in the most cringe-worthy moments. I mean, would you rather drown or be burned alive? If you’re not familiar with this it’s season nine, episode 13. (You’re welcome). But give him a break! He’s been married and divorced three times!

How can we relate to this? I’ll give you a perfect example of something we do on the daily that Ross probably does too! Have you ever gone in to give a friend a hug, or a relative a kiss, and you’re both leaning towards the same side? And then you start doing this weird dance, that no one has named yet. Or even when you see a friend, this is for the younger generation because a fist bump seems to be more popular than a handshake these days, you accidentally go for a shake while the other person goes for a bump and you just end up holding their fist and shaking it? So, we’ve all been there!

So there you have it! These are the reasons why you relate to each character from Friends. Tell me you don’t feel like binge-watching it now.


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