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Three of the Best Study Techniques to Use for Finals

We’re all aware that finals are coming up pretty freaking fast. They always do. For some odd reason, most of us will wait until the very last minute to study. Oh, procrastination! We’re also all aware that studying for finals can be such a drag. It’s requires so much effort and we’re tired from our chaotic lives enough as it is. The unfortunate fact is that we have to go through it. Luckily, there are some techniques for studying that have the potential to make it easier on you. Here are three of them:

1. Reading aloud to memorize

It’s easy to get into the habit of quietly reading our course and study material in our heads, especially if we’re in a place surrounded by a bunch of other people, like the library. But it’s even easier to do that and find yourself forgetting what it is you just read or studied.

The best thing to do, if memorizing has proven itself worthy for you in the past, is to find a place where you will be isolated and read the material aloud. According to Psychology Today, reading aloud the material that is most important for you to remember allows for you to create a distinctive memory. This way, you’re making use of your reading, speaking, and comprehending. For some reason, the complex ideas or materials we’re reading from seem to get easy. Try it out. See if it works.

2. Using cue cards

This might seem lame to some of you but it actually helps. First of all, it’s way more organized then your course notes, or looking for study material all over the place. This way, it’s all neatly placed on the card and everything you need is right there. There are no distractions. Second, it helps you to actively recall the information on your card. This makes it easier to remember, and therefore, reproduce it when you need it during your exam. On top of that, you’re the one writing on those cards, so it gets you familiar with the material right off the bat.

3. Creating Sample Tests

I get it, you might be thinking that you have no time for this. Well listen, I’ll put it simple, make time. Creating sample tests gets you prepared for what to expect on your final. You’ll have to recall all of your material, write questions based on it, and then answer it. This is perfect for reviewing. You have to go over everything anyway to make sure you remember. I’ve tried this method plenty of times and it has never let me down. So this time around, take our advice and do it in the form of a sample test.


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