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For Those In Need of Mid-Semester Motivation

It’s about mid-semester time, which means that midterms have crept up on us and time just doesn’t seem to be on our side. We’ve got about a hundred things on our mind at once, and all that chaos leaves us with little to no motivation to successfully complete our homework or study enough to get the grades we so desperately seek. 


The one thing you absolutely need to remember is that you’re the only one who has control over the way you spend your time. Your priorities may be out of whack and that interferes with your school life. There are so many things you can and want to be doing instead of suffering through homework or studying. But think of it this way – right now, as you attempt to graduate and get a degree, you’re doing something meaningful with your life. You have a goal in mind so don’t let go of it, despite how difficult it may be to hold on.


That doesn’t mean that those who aren’t in school lead lives that are not meaningful. What I’m saying is that you consciously chose to be in school, you chose to pay for your tuition, to make your schedule, and to attend classes. That means that your goal is to graduate, so graduate. It takes patience and hard work, I know – and that makes it all the more worth it.


You’ve got two months until summer. Two months is nothing. Hang in there because summer is around the corner and we all know how excited we are for the sun to come out and the weather to be warm and inviting. Just writing about it right now is making me inexplicably happy.


For now, take the necessary time to complete your assignments and study efficiently. You will have so much to look forward to once the semester has come and gone. Try not to procrastinate during this time. It’s tempting, but it will lead to no good. When you find out about an assignment that’s due or an exam that’s close, get to it asap. You’ll find that the whole process will be less stressful and more motivating.


Good luck! 

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