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Testing Ways to Make S’mores in an Apartment

It all started when I was suddenly craving s’mores. But the fact that I live in a small Montreal apartment meant I needed to get creative with what I had on hand. My criteria for judging these experiments is that the marshmallow will be warm enough to melt the chocolate when placed between the graham crackers. 


The things you will need to make the s’mores are:

  •  A pack of big marshmallows

  •  A chocolate bar of your choice — I use Lindt chocolate

  •  Graham crackers

Here are the methods I used to try and make some s’mores, which ones were successful and which ones were a fail!

Oven or microwave- success!

Using an oven or microwave is the first method that comes to mind when wanting to make s’mores at home. It works the best and is probably the fastest and most simple way to make s’mores. Assemble your s’more and pop it in the oven for a couple minutes on a low temperature or in the microwave for a couple seconds. You’ll have your delicious warmed and melted s’more in no time.

Blow dryer- success!

I placed a graham cracker on a plate with a piece of chocolate and the marshmallow over it. Next, I turned on the blow drier to the highest setting, and I waved it over the marshmallow until the chocolate layer melted, and the marshmallow softened. It took some time, but it definitely worked!

Over the stove- fail.  

For this one, I placed the marshmallow on a skewer and held it over the lit stove on high. I was hoping this would be equivalent to roasting a marshmallow over a fire pit. After a while of standing over my hot electric stove, the marshmallow softened but not enough to melt the chocolate on the graham cracker. This method would be better if you only wanted a warmed up the marshmallow.

Lighter- fail

I thought this would work as a mini fire pit once again, but I was very wrong. Placing a marshmallow on a skewer over the lighter flame, the marshmallow started to get streaks of grey and smelled strongly of gas, so I concluded that it was safer not to eat it, making this method unsuccessful.

Air fryer- success!

I followed this recipe, and it worked! I would only recommend keeping a very close eye on not burning the bottom cookie or the marshmallow. The marshmallow did overflow a bit and made a sticky mess in the air fryer, so beware of that too.


To conclude my experiment, I’ve had many s’mores this week and will probably never be able to eat another one ever again. But I hope you will test out these methods next time you want a warm dessert on these gorgeous fall days. I highly recommend using the oven, the microwave, the airfryer, or surprisingly a blow dryer. I hope this article was educational and inspires you to enjoy a nice, classic s’more!


Lauren Piot

Concordia CA '21

Lauren is majoring in Communications with a minor in Law and Society. Reading novels and playing guitar are her preferred pass times. Some of her more adventurous hobbies include deep sea diving and skiing. Turtles are her favorite animal and dark green is her favorite color.
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