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Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex. This tiny, little three letter word is a huge part of most of our lives. Its connotation is so powerful because every time we are reminded of anything that has to do with sex (and there’s a whole lot), we tend to think about the kind of sex we’ve been having. 

The lucky few of you who actually have life-changing, legs-twitching sex might not need this advice. But there are a whole lot of you who do so this goes out to the very, very many of you who cringe at the thought of your past sexual experiences, or those of you who, for some buzzkill of a reason, can’t seem to reach that lovely thing we call an orgasm. 


Get comfortable

If you want to be able to have good, and I mean seriously good sex, then you better get comfortable with your body. As we all know, sex is intimate and there’s simply no way around that. That’s why you’ve got to get comfortable being naked and vulnerable in front of someone. If that means you’ve got to stand in front of a mirror, naked and alone, then do it. Discover your body and flaunt it.

This means you’ve got to stand in front of your partner, butt-naked, exuding the most confidence you have ever exuded in your life. It’ll make your partner weak in the knees. And even better, the whole shindig will probably end with you being weak in the knees. 


Make those eyes meet

Now, you want to know how to make sex even hotter, even better than how you’re used to? Well then, read closely—it’s all about eye contact; it makes everything so much more intense and intimate. 

Engaging in oral sex? No problem. Stare into your partner’s eyes and watch while you please them. When the roles reverse, watch them as they please you. Is there penetration now? No problem. If the position you’re doing allows you to make eye contact, then make eye contact. Position doesn’t allow it? No problem. That’s why mirrors were invented. Get in front of one and bone away. 

Try different positions

You seriously can’t go wrong with trying different positions. You see, the problem with having sex with the same person over and over again is the fact that we tend to get comfortable. That means, we usually do the same positions over and over again. Enough with this over and over again. Aren’t you tired of reading me right “over and over again?” It’s the same exact thing with sex positions—it gets boring, unexciting, lame. 

If you need to consult the internet, do it. If you need to look into the Karma Sutra, do it. If you need to experiment for a little while until you find positions you like, do it. Basically, just do it.


Bring out the toys 

Listen, I get that not everyone is into using sex toys. Totally fine because to each, their own but bring it up in conversation. It could very well be that your partner will be up for it, and simply hasn’t brought it up to you for whatever reason. It won’t hurt you to have that conversation.

If you’re partner says yes, then it’s party time. Go to your local sex shop and buy, buy, buy! There is literally a sex toy for everything and anything.


Time to role play

As for role playing, the same goes. Be open with your partner and be willing to try new things. If that means you’ve got to dress up like a slutty maid or a freaking clown, then do it. Okay maybe not a clown but you get the idea. And if for whatever reason the idea of dressing up as a clown excited you, well then… there are no words.

Remember, practice safe sex and please, for the love of all things, don’t be a selfish lover. Now, bang away! 


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