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There are dozens of reasons why you should be supporting small businesses; amazing customer service, unique items you can’t find with big corporations, saving money, the feeling of making a huge impact on the owner’s life, the list goes on. During these tough times, it is even more important to shop local and small businesses. Below are some of my favourite little shops that not only sell incredible products but have a deeper meaning behind their brand so you can shop and give back at the same time.

Beads For Eds, @beadsforeds

Beads for Eds is a small business that sells handmade, personalized beaded jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and phone charms. The business owner Keighty, is a mental health advocate and wanted to create a business that shared her love for jewelry while raising awareness of mental health. Not only do you get cute and trendy pieces but 10% of profits from every order are donated to Neda, the national eating disorders association.

GRL Collective, @grlcollective

GRL collective is a latina-owned lifestyle brand selling a variety of things from clothing to accessories to candles. The brand uses eco-friendly packaging, best quality material and uses only ethical practices when manufacturing. 20% of proceeds from each order are used to fund girls’ education in India through the sambhali trust, a non-profit organization that empowers women through education and social services. Proceeds of certain pieces also go to the BLM movement and RAICES, the refugee and immigrant center for education and legal services.

Ali + Liv Swimwear, @aliandlivswimwear

Ali + Liv Swimwear is a Canadian swimwear brand designed by two girls. While travelling to new places, they were inspired to create   swimsuits that make everyone feel confident. They have an assortment of pieces with different colours and shapes. Proceeds from every order are donated to initiatives that focus on cleaning the ocean!

Inclusive health collection, @inclusivehealthcollection

Inclusive health collection is a loungewear brand that focuses on spreading awareness of mental health, inclusivity, and holistic health. They sell a variety of sweatshirts each with a specific message that relates to their values. With each purchase, 5$ is donated to several charities, depending on which sweater you decide to buy. Not only will you get a trendy sweater, and donate to a charity, but you can also help spread awareness by wearing pieces with such important messages on them.

Kundalini Candles, @kundalinicandles

Kundalini candle handcrafts candles that are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly and smell amazing! The owner of the company, Kara, wanted to create a brand that reminds people how powerful they are using something she truly loves, which is candles. The candles come with labels that have positive affirmations written on them to brighten your day every time you look at them!

Antiracelet, @antiracelet

Antiracelet is a small jewelry brand selling 14k gold curated jewelry that is trendy and easy to layer or wear on its own. The company’s owner is an active volunteer at a down syndrome achievement center and is an advocate for the black lives matter movement. She wanted to find a way to give back which is why she donates 50% of each order to the Autisitc POC fund, that provides direct financial support to autistic people of color.

Jacqueline Cohen

Concordia CA '23

Jacqueline Cohen is a first year marketing student at Concordia University. She has a passion for travel, music, beauty and fashion.
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