Side Hustles Ideas

A side hustle are little extra gigs to make extra money “on the side”. They are ideal for students because who want to make more money, but cannot commit to more hours at their current job, a second job or a job altogether. If this is you, I am hoping this article will help you find the right side hustle.  The great thing about the suggestions I have listed below is that they can all work around your schedule!



If you have younger siblings, you have probably banked unpaid experience in babysitting. I know I do. For those who have never babysat before, there are many ways to get started. You can sign up to websites which will allow you to have access to different babysitting jobs (some are on a one-time basis and other on a regular schedule!) for you to choose from. Safety is key. Therefore, I recommend avoiding sites like Craigslist and Kijiji to find a babysitting gig. Professional websites that link parents with potential babysitter are safer and they usually do a background check on both sides. Two websites you can get started on are: &


Emptying your closet

This little hustle will help you fill up your wallet and declutter your closet all at once! You can sell items ranging from shoes to prom gowns. You can get set up through the creation of an Instagram account that serves as an online boutique. If you do not want to commit to that: you can sell one piece by one piece through Facebook’s market (it’s fast, efficient and facilitates conversation with potential buyers). Apps that allow you to sell your clothing are also very popular lately! You can check out Depop, Poshmark or Tradesy.


Proofreading assignments

If you have can read fast and have good editing skills, you might want to consider offering proofreading services. You can easily advertise yourself on your social media or  department’s groups. You would be amazed at the number of students who would pay to have some review their written work, especially for their electives. You can set your prices and take as many jobs as you can fit in your schedule. I found that proofreading someone else’s work helped me grow as a scholarly writer and also gave me an escape from my personal academic load. You can offer add-ons such as essay formatting, self-submission (through your client’s student account, you’d offer to submit it for them), last-minute edits, etc. Possibilities are endless!



If you have extra slots in your schedule and believe yourself to be a connoisseur in certain classes, offering tutoring sessions can be a convenient way to make a few extra bucks. If you do not feel confident to tutor a university-level class, you can offer your services online for students from elementary school up to Cegep. I tutored high-school math classes all through my time in Cegep and it was so easy it did not feel like extra work. You can go through tutoring agencies online if you feel reluctant to put yourself out there through social media, companies like Tutorax and J.C Academy are known to help tutors get in contact with potential paid gigs.


Sell your talent through Fivver

I once knew a girl who’d make a couple of hundred dollars every month just using her voice. She initially offered voice-over services through Fivver and quickly started getting more and more opportunities. All she did was take a full day to record herself using her iPhone microphone and forward it to the requesters. Fivver is not only for voice overs; you can offer video editing, graphic design, artwork, social media management services and so on. Although single gigs are not usually profitable ($5 ), if they are frequent, they can quickly turn into the perfect side hustle! You can use the experience on your resume and build potential strong relationships with recurring clients or  enjoy your craft and get paid to do it!