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Save money with your student email

Every student loves a good discount. What many students don’t realize is how many discounts they can get online. Many retailers, like Levi’s, offer discounts on their websites. There is also UniDays , a website that offers students discounts at a variety of online stores like 10 per cent off Under Armour and Asos orders.  The trick though to getting all these deals is having valid student email address. Luckily, every Concordia student is entitled to a Concordia student email. The official instructions can be found here or check them out summarized below:

  1. Start by logging into your MyConcordia. Once logged in, on the left side of the page there is a section called “Accounts & Settings”. Click on that.
  1. Choose the “Office 365 Student Email”. Hit the button that says “request to activate Office 365”.
  1. Be patient. Your email will take two business days to be created. After a few days, you’ll receive an email to the account your MyConcordia is linked to telling you your email has been processed.
  2. Head to the login page. Enter “[email protected]” into the username box and hit login (you don’t need a password). The page will then give you two account options; choose “work or school account”.
  1. You will be redirected to a Concordia specific page. Enter your MyConcordia username and password and sign in.
  2. Congrats! You’ve got a student email.

Once your email is created, you have free access to Office 365 Education. That means, amongst other Microsoft apps, free Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But the benefits don’t stop there. Unidays and other websites like Amazon offer loads of different deals. Here are 5 highlights:

  1. Amazon

Free 6-month Amazon Prime trial

  1. Apple Music

50 per cent off subscriptions ($4.99 instead of $9.99 per month)

  1. Adidas

30 per cent off full-price and 15 per cent off sale items online

  1. Unif

15 per cent off online orders

  1. Levi’s

20 per cent off online orders


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