Review of Imagine Van Gogh

Imagine Van Gogh is an immersive exposition dedicated to the works of painter Vincent Van Gogh. It starts with a walk through the biography of Van Gogh’s life consisting of descriptions of key parts of his life in a separate room before the main exhibit.  You can take your time and read this or skip it and go straight to the art but I recommend reading it because it will give insight into his works.

Overall, I thought this was a beautiful experience. I’m an art lover but honestly, even if you’re not a big art or museum person, this exhibit is still worth a visit. The style of presenting Van Gogh’s art was unique. The paintings covered the floors and walls. The immersion in the artwork of the painter is complete, allowing you to see little details you would usually tend to miss. You can get lost in it in a way that isn’t usually possible in a museum. 


The artwork was also choreographed so they would follow the tempo of the music and changed along with the music. The music was chosen to fit the mood of the work and made it a fuller, more enjoyable and captivating experience.

The only complaint I had was that I would be looking at a work of art and suddenly it would change before I was done looking at it. That’s just how the exposition was set up, which I understand but it kind of took me out of it a bit. That being said, I tend to look at art for almost a ridiculous amount of time, so this may not be a problem for most people. 

It’s clear that the creators understood Vincent Van Gogh’s work and put a lot of effort into making this an incredible experience. They succeeded, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would recommend it to anyone.