Ratched: A Series Review

Ratched is a new Netflix original series that recently premiered in late september. It is based off of the grossum story of nurse Ratched, which most of us are familiar with from the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. However, the series has a very different take on nurse Ratched. For reference, Nurse Ratched was the main antagonist in the 1975 film and is known as one of the biggest villains in film history. However, the series definitely makes you sympathize and actually route for her. 

The series takes place in 1947, in post-World War II America. Nurse Ratched, played by the amazing Sarah Paulson, is in search of employment. She more specifically is wanting to get a job at a psych ward run by doctor Hanover, an aspiring specialist seeking to help those who do not “fit” in society. One of the biggest treatments that is being researched at his hospital is reverse psychology for the gay, which plays a big role in the story of this series. We soon realize why nurse Ratched is seeking a job at this specific hospital, as well as major parts of her past. It is a thrilling, grussume coming of age story of a woman who is not quite the villain we originally knew. 

First, this series made me feel very empowered as a young woman. Seeing all of these feminine figures in the show was refreshing. Without giving too much away, let’s just say women take over and it is absolutely amazing. It is also nice to see the uprise of women trying to make a place for themselves in the workplace as well as in society. The directors did a really good job in putting the small details that were part of women’s life in those years. It was very eye opening. 

A present theme in the show is the presence of the LGBTQ+ community. It is talked about a lot during the show, which is something I hadn’t really seen in a recent series. Personally, I feel like if it isn't a show like Rupaul’s Drag Race, there is no other show that shows such an intense presence of people who are part of the community. It is often brushed over or never really put in the spotlight. It was also interesting to see the director’s take on people who identify as gay during this period of time. The struggles that they had to go through are very well represented in the show, which I think is a huge step for television. 

In all, I could not recommend this show enough. It is graphic and violent at times, but it is probably one of my favourite series I’ve watched in a really long time. I think it was interesting to see who Mildred Ratched was as a person before she became the well known villain. It was quite an educational process for me as well. I learned a lot about women, our rights, and where they came from. It is worth the watch and I can’t wait to see what they do next.