Photo Essay: How Students Expressed Themselves During the Climate Strike

Armed with posters and signs, people walked the streets of Montreal on Sept. 27 to denounce the ongoing climate crisis and to bring leaders’ attention on the impact their policies have on the planet.  

Based on the huge turnout at climate strikes in other cities around the world, we anticipated a lot of people. 

Indeed, close to 500,000 people conveyed their messages of hope and urgency through posters and cardboard signs held proudly in the -- CO2 contaminated -- air.  

As we walked, chants broke out in the lively crowd like at a sporting event, while some people played music with instruments they brought. 

Here is a collection of photos I took during the strike. 


Using memes to get attention 

Everyone can relate to memes. These funny posters are often the ones that got the most attention.  

Some were more profound 

More serious signs are impactful as well because they carry the important messages that contrast the amusing ones. 

The earth is getting hot, literally?

Some more risqué posters were very popular among marchers. The mostly student crowd made these jokes inevitable.  

Involving politics 

Calling out the leaders and using current events to relate to the climate crisis. 


The effects of the climate crisis on wildlife  

Animals are greatly impacted by climate change and these posters are a reminder that this issue affects entire ecosystems. 

The fact that half a million people took the time to join the strike here in Montreal, but also everywhere around the world, shows that people care about this crisis and want to make a difference, while demonstrating to political leaders that their actions are being watched closely.  

I sincerely hope that things will change for the better. Otherwise, I’m confident people will take to the streets once again with even bigger and more impactful signs.