My First Pole Dancing Class

In recent years, pole dancing has gained popularity as both a workout session and a hobby. This vertical exercise that combines strength and aerobics has competitions around the world, has been used in Cirque du Soleil, and is given as classes for anyone interested according to Vertical Wise.

It takes incredible strength and technique for someone to look effortless while gracefully twirling around the pole. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

Not knowing much on the exercise, but being intrigued by it, I decided to try out a class with friends. We booked a class at Milan Pole Dance Studio in the Old Port. An hour-long session cost me about $30.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the class. I was nervous, but excited to try something new. When I got there the last pole available was right up front next to the teacher and smack in the middle of the mirror, exactly the spot I was planning to avoid. Our teacher started with the basics, leaning sideways while holding the pole in front of her before falling to the side and catching her fall by gripping the pole at her knees.

My initial reaction: “what did I get myself into?” My constant reaction throughout the class: “like hell I can do that!” The teacher spun and twirled so effortlessly I was scared to even attempt the basic moves. I have no upper body strength, so just envisioning myself lifting my body and spinning was difficult.

Despite fearing the falls, and looking a tad ridiculous, I tried. I needed to prove that I could do it. Sure it’s mainly about strength, but it’s also about technique and trusting yourself. I persisted until I was able to do whatever trick taught at least once—maybe not with grace, but I still managed! One trick, a pretty simple one where you hold yourself up with your knees and hands while twirling, I got. The result? I felt really proud!

Pole dancing was quite an experience and an experience worth trying out. The exercise can appeal to anyone. There are different types of pole dancing according to Vertical Wise. There’s “pole fitness/sport” to improve your physical strength, “pole artistic” for the storytellers and performers, and “pole exotic/sexy” for sensuality.

If you’re scared to try it out because you’re a beginner, not athletic, not flexible, or for any other reason, don’t be! Pole dancing teachers are there to support you no matter your level of expertise and make sure you are safe. I felt like a fool, but my teacher, and even the other women in the class, were all there for me when I finally lifted myself up and got it!