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How to Still Feel Cute and Confident in the Winter

The winter blues can affect anyone, and it’s hard to find confidence when you’re feeling so down. With temperatures well below freezing and gusts of wind and snow coming from every which way, it’s easy just to put anything on before you leave the house – it will all be covered by layers of winter outerwear anyways. I’m a firm believer that confidence makes people more productive, but how can one stay confident this time of year?


I’m someone who feels a dip in my mental health this time of year, so feeling both cute and confident can be a struggle for me. I’m someone who loves to dress up, and I find that this helps my mood. Laying around in pyjamas only makes me feel more sluggish (although, of course, once in a while staying in my pyjamas all day is amazing).


One thing I love to do is my makeup. A jacket will cover most of my outfit (and almost everything but my face), I focus a lot more on my makeup in the winter to help me feel a little more confident. Opting for bold colours is my favourite way to add drama to my look, especially since my face is likely the only thing that will be seen for the next few weeks of winter. Additionally, fixing up my hair has the same effect. Basically, instead of putting the most effort into my outfit, which I would do in warmer months, I instead focus on the areas that both myself and the people around me will see the most.


Skincare morning routine


Having cute outerwear for the winter is also a great way to feel cute in these dreary months. There are hundreds of places where you can find a jacket that will not only keep you warm in these temperatures but fashionable enough to have you not feeling restricted and plain. In addition to jackets, winter accessories are not only needed but can be a fun way to spruce up your jacket. Pom pom tuques are very popular right now and can add a fashionable touch that people will be able to see. Add a big blanket scarf and some tech-friendly gloves, and you have an adorable, confidence-boosting outerwear ensemble.


Just because many people won’t be able to see your outfit outside, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear outfits you feel great in! Confidence comes from within, and if you feel good, that is all that matters. Just like how wearing a matching underwear set can boost your confidence levels, so can an outfit, even if nobody can see it. However you feel best is what is important, and if you’re feeling your best, your confidence will shine right through.


Additionally, I make it a habit to get my nails done regularly. Recently I’ve been picking fun and quirky colours and designs to help feel a little more fun. I get every nail a different shade of one colour, or I play with colours that compliment each other. It’s also something to look forward to, because I know that I will need an appointment every two to three weeks. It’s also a fun way to add a little colour to both your outfit and your life, especially when the world is feeling so cold and dark.


periwinkle manicure on short nails

One thing that I think helps me feel more confident in the winter is my diet. I started going to the gym to try and combat my winter blues, and have been on a path to try and eat better and drink a lot more water. I do this to help give me more energy and to not feel so sluggish. If I keep myself active, my body will be happy and in turn, so will I. I’m definitely not the most active or fit person around, but I truly believe that a walk or a healthy snack is a great pick-me-up to get me back to feeling motivated.


Of course, what works for one person may not work for everyone. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup, maybe you’d like to spruce up your winter attire by treating yourself to a new hat or scarf. If you have more than enough winter scarves, you may think of using makeup as a way to give yourself that extra bit of confidence. Or, maybe you don’t like either option and opt to dress up under your winter clothes. These are only but a few ideas out of a hundred that may help you feel just a little better this time of year.


I know first-hand how hard winter months can be on some of us mentally. Spending an entire season feeling unmotivated, tired and not confident sucks, and hopefully, some of these tips will either help you or inspire you to come up with your confidence boosting tips to help you out this winter.