How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day

The weather may be freezing and slushy, but love is certainly in the air!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it can be hard to organize an evening of romance, especially when a day dedicated to love is highly consumer-driven (and often expensive).


That being said, here are some low-cost Valentine’s Day alternatives to help you and your S.O. focus on reconnecting and renewing your relationship by spending time together.   


Plan for a romantic night in

There’s nothing more romantic than a low-lit dinner in and a home-cooked meal.

As classic gesture of love, cooking is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Even if you’re not a top chef, below are some budget approved, simple and delicious Valentine’s meals and ingredients to truly fall for!





Make DIY gifts

The great thing about making your own gifts is how unique and individualized they can be. These presents add a customized flare to truly highlight your love!

Here are two tried and true gift ideas:


Love coupons

These coupons are essentially a small book filled with strips of paper, cardstock or note cards. On the cards, you can write out individualized coupons, such as a full day of doing the dishes, spending day in pajamas, or going for a picnic. I only listed some basic ideas, but you can be as creative as you want.


Get artsy

Writing letters by hand may be a bit of a throwback, but this is a really special way to express appreciation. This could be as simple as a handwritten note to your S.O. expressing why you care about them. You could also write a poem, draw a picture, or tell a story! Creating is not about what you say, but the fact that you’re creating a unique memory.


Homemade movie night!

Take ‘Netflix and chill’ to the next level by making your own DIY movie night. Pick a movie together ahead of time and create a movie theatre-like atmosphere by adding some popcorn and turning down the lights!


Budgeting gifts

There is, of course, nothing wrong with buying Valentines gifts too! A cost-effective way to address buying gifts is to firstly stay within a joint budget. You can then select the specific item that you or they want to buy, without going over budget or worrying about buying the wrong surprise gift. This way, it ensures that both of you will have something that is truly appreciated and sustainably selected.


Let’s get physical

Living in Montreal, there are so many places to have fun in the cold and snow! Try incorporating nature into your Valentine’s.


Ice Skating

Skating is another classic date idea and there are so many places to go that also provide affordable skate prices.






If you want to get in touch with your outdoorsy selves, get active as a team by snowshoeing! Again, Montreal has so many beautiful parks available. Some of the best snowshoeing locations are at the Lachine Canal, Jean Drapeau Park, Mont-Royal Park, Maisonneuve Park, and La Fontaine Park.


No matter your Valentine’s plans, I hope this post inspires you with some ideas for a day filled with love, care and respect!