How To Curate Your Dream Wardrobe

Your wardrobe reflects who you are and influences how people initially understand  your personality and taste. Whether you just developed an interest in fashion, had a lifestyle change or want to upgrade your style, building your dream closet from scratch can be a stressful process. However, contrary to popular belief, it can be a fun and enjoyable journey. Have no idea where to begin? Here are some tips for elevating your style and finding clothes that you feel confident in. 


a person sits crosslegged on the ground folding laundry, including jeans and shirts which sit in piles before them Sarah Brown | Unsplash The first and most important step to changing  your style is to figure out what your desired style aesthetic is. Having style icons is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for outfits. Getting inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to come from a certain person;you can be inspired by a country, a tv show, a period of history or even a culture! Having multiple sources of inspiration can let you blend your favorite aspects of each and develop your unique look. Creating mood boards full of outfits you enjoy can not only be an easy way to find your preferred aesthetic by recognizing certain patterns. After finding your style inspo, it’s time to adapt it to your lifestyle. Odds are your style icon, and you live different lifestyles, and it might not be suitable to mimic their exact outfits in your day to day life, so make it your own! Consider things like where you are located and what activities you do the most often to create appropriate outfits. 

The next step is to declutter your current closet. Start by looking through each of your clothing pieces and ask yourself these questions: When was the last time I wore this? How often have I worn this? How did I feel while wearing this? Does this represent the style I'm trying to achieve? The answers to these questions can help determine whether an item is a keep or sweep! You can do plenty of things with the clothing you ultimately decide not to keep, such as .Donating them, giving them away to friends, or selling them on apps like depop.


Melanie Haid Now comes the fun part, actually shopping for new pieces! Buying your dream wardrobe  won't happen overnight. Remember that style is a journey and not a destination. However, buying timeless basic pieces is the perfect base to have for any wardrobe. When choosing wardrobe staples, you should be looking at pieces that can be worn in several different ways, and I would suggest investing more in those pieces. Some basics that I recommend for anyone’s closet includes a good pair of denim jeans, comfortable sneakers, a leather jacket, basic bodysuits, a pair of heels and a pair of breathable leggings. These pieces are ageless and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion!

After you’ve gotten the essential pieces, it is time to invest in statement pieces. These articles of clothing or accessories completely transform a basic look and give it a personalized touch. Some of my favorite ways to make a statement are  adding a patterned blazer, uniquely shaped sunglasses, a fun colored bag, layered necklaces or a fur coat. Having pieces like these can help make your style unique and turn any outfit from boring to chic.

Contactless paying Photo by Clay Banks from Unsplash When buying clothing to add to your collection, the most important step is to pick the pieces you feel confident in. There are no set of rules you have to follow to have a good fashion sense. Instead of paying attention solely to the current trends and forcing yourself to be something you’re not, be selective and focus on the clothes that accentuate who you truly are. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t allows your confidence to shine through in any outfit.