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Halloween Costumes Ideas Using Items You Already Own

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to plan your Halloween costumes in advance you find yourself getting ready for a Halloween party with absolutely nothing to wear. Just because you waited until the last minute, doesn’t mean you’re completely doomed. Making your own costume with items you most probably already own will not only save you time, but will help ensure you don’t break the bank for just one night’s outfit. Here are some quick and easy costume ideas that will make sure people have no idea you waited until the night before to put together. 


Dressing up as Barbie is perfect for you if you’re not into the scary Halloween costume vibe and prefer a girlier style. All you need to transform yourself into the doll is to throw on as many pink clothing items as you can and accessorize using bright and girly items such as a handbag or a flashy belt. Then, print out the iconic Barbie logo, cut it out, and tape it onto your chest. The best part of this costume idea is that if you’re looking to dress up with a friend, not only is it easy to do but it may take your costume to the next level. For your partner, simply throw on a colorful polo with shorts, slick back their hair, tie a cardigan around their neck, and you have your very own Ken! And there you have it- a Barbie costume in a Barbie world! 

Sandy From Grease-

This costume is sure to give everybody chills. All you’re gonna need for this timeless costume is a black off-the-shoulder top, a pair of leather pants, and a leather jacket. To top it off, curl your hair and add a red lip. 


Dressing up as a boxer will have you looking like a knockout. All you’re going to need is a sports bra, a pair of sports shorts, and a robe. If you have the time, you can purchase boxing gloves but if you’re looking to DIY the entire look, tape over your hands using medical or regular tape. To finish the look, throw your hair into two box braids and use makeup to give the effect of bruising or bleeding. 


If you have killer makeup skills, this one’s for you. For a skeleton look, begin by throwing on an all-black outfit. Use white paper to cut out bone shapes that you will then tape onto your black outfit to resemble a full-body skeleton. Now for the fun part; painting on skeleton face makeup using black eyeliner/ eyeshadow. If you’re not confident enough in your makeup skills, there are several step-by-step YouTube videos that can help!


The great thing about making a mummy costume is that you can use just about anything depending on what you have at home. You can use toilet paper, a white sheet, an old shirt, gauze, or athletic wrap. Start with a white base outfit and then take your fabric of choice and begin weaving and wrapping it around your body until you’re all covered. Using dark eyeshadow, apply a generous amount under your eye makeup to give yourself that “dead” look and that’s a wrap! 


If you love love and arts and crafts, this is the perfect costume for you. Begin by putting together an all-red outfit. to make the wings, cut out the shape using cardboard paper and either glue on feathers or paint it white/red then tie it to some strings to make straps. Then, you want to make a bow and arrow by using any type of stick and glue a heart at the tip. For the finishing touches, you’ll want to incorporate hearts however you’d prefer. You can draw them on your body, use heart-shaped stickers or use makeup! 

Jacqueline Cohen

Concordia CA '23

Jacqueline Cohen is a first year marketing student at Concordia University. She has a passion for travel, music, beauty and fashion.
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