Fun Things To Do On December 25th if You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

The holidays are a magical, festive time, well, if you celebrate Christmas at least. For many other people, it can feel like everyone is having fun without you. What are Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and others to do on December 25th? Though it may seem as if the only thing to do is sit by a tree and open presents, there is so much to do with your special day off the grid.


Binge on Some Chinese Food

An age-old secret known by the Jewish community is that many Chinese restaurants stay open over Christmas. Thus, this is a perfect time to gather with other non-celebrating loved ones over a heaping plate of fried rice, general tao’s chicken, or any of your favourite Chinese restaurant classics. You’re sure to feel jolly after being stuffed with enough carbs to last you through the whole winter.



Don’t celebrate Christmas, but still feel in the giving mood? It’s the perfect time to volunteer in your community. Try sharing your time at a soup kitchen or shelter during Christmas to spread some joy and compassion with your neighbours. Soup kitchens always need more helping hands, and your impact will matter that much more during this day that is so important to so many.


See A Movie

Many movie theaters also stay open on Christmas day. Since lots of blockbuster movies come out around Christmas, why not be early and see the hit movies before everyone else? It’s a great way to spend your day escaping from the holiday chaos by diving into a film.  


Host a Dinner

Christmas is all about community and generosity, so embrace that by hosting a dinner for your other non-Christian friends. A potluck is a great way to feel festive in a secular way. There’s nothing better than good company and good food, and you don’t need any specific holiday to make that happen. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you don’t have something to celebrate, use this opportunity to celebrate the people you have in your life.


Family Time

You’re probably already home on break anyway, take this time off to spend with the people who matter the most. You’re all in this together, so why not camp out at home and play board games, make cookies, or have a Netflix marathon? All too often we’re overwhelmed with the obligations and responsibilities of school and work. So, take your day off to put your energy into your important family relationships.