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Four Types of Students During Exams: Which One Are You?

Finals are approaching faster than we think. The long nights of studying and the struggle to push through and avoid procrastination will soon creep up on us and take over our lives.

So before that moment arrives, here are my top four picks of students that I feel we have all known at some point in our lives.


1. The Toppers

These students are called the “toppers” because they consistently aim to be at the top of the class. These are the students who make finals seem effortless and make us hate ourselves. While we’re telling ourselves that we shouldn’t go to that party on Friday because our exam is on Sunday, and yet go anyway because we think luck is on our side, they are the ones who are home studying until the moment they’re done the exam. The “toppers” are the ones who sit at the front of class and seem to understand what the teacher is saying, while the rest of us are on our laptops scrolling through our feed or watching a video about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.


2. The Know-Nothing Guys

These guys are the ones you love to be around. They’ll crack jokes in class and time goes by quickly in their presence. Then, the exam schedule comes out, and they start running around like chickens without heads! They’ll ask you for all the class notes, they’ll ask to study together and they’ll ask for help with their assignments because that’s the only way they’re going to get the grades to pass the class. Although they’re pretty cool people, exams and finals just get the best of them. Soon enough, they’ll be attending all the classes in hopes that somehow they’ll get all the information they missed from the classes they skipped in the past. These people are the ones who have probably let everything pile up towards the end of the semester and cram everything in one night.


3. The What-You-Know Guys

These guys give you mixed feelings. They like to get under the “toppers’” skin by competing with them, or at least pretending to. They do this because secretly, they wish they were “toppers.” These people are actually really smart, maybe not at the level of a “topper” but definitely very close. They will pretend they don’t know anything about the exam content and they will keep asking you questions and the most aggravating aspect of a “what-you-know guy” is that they’ll never reciprocate. If you ask them a question, they’ll tell you they have no idea what the answer is. If you ask them how much they’ve studied, they’ll tell you they only read over three of nine chapters, when really, they only have one chapter left to review.


4. The Honest Guys

Just by a simple shrug of their shoulders, these types of students will accept that they have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. They will attend all their classes because they know they have to but not because they want to. They’re always calm. They walk into exams having read the chapters until they got bored of reading. If you ask them any questions they’ll be completely honest on whether or not they know the answer.

I for one am a wreck when it comes to exams. I worry about everything and anything and leave everything until last minute!

Which type of student are you?


Kami Katopodis

Concordia CA '19

President of HC Concordia • Poet • Major in Human Relations • Minor in Diversity in the Contemporary World •
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