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Five Reasons to be Excited for the Winter Semester

The holiday break may be over, but don’t let that despair hit you with full force just yet! Often, the winter semester is overlooked and underappreciated, however, there are plenty of things to be excited about for the winter semester. Here are five suggestions to get you started!


1. You get to put your brain to use again

If you’re like me, as soon as class let out and you finished that last final exam, you put on your PJs, opened Netflix, and let the binge-watching begin with no regard (or care) for the time or day. As enjoyable as it is to make friends with fictional characters and mindlessly follow their lives, it is so refreshing to be in a stimulating atmosphere that challenges me to think.


2. Reuniting with friends

Coming back to school allows you to get back together with your #dayones because only seeing them through a screen thanks to FaceTime will simply not do anymore. Now you get to catch up and fill each other in on the good, the bad, and the ugly that was your holiday break.


3. You have new classes

With a new semester comes new classes, and boy should you be excited! This means new professors, new classmates (that you may love or secretly despise for constantly taking your seat), new material, and another opportunity to save your GPA.


4. All the fun winter activities

It’s tempting to stay indoors bundled up with a good cup of hot chocolate and a good book, but it’s also the season for a lot of cool winter activities. Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, this is the prime time to get out there. Never tried any of these before? Well grab a friend and try something new.



5. Summer is oh so close

My favorite thing about winter semester is the fact that summer is so much closer. I don’t know about you, but that’s all the motivation I need to get me through my classes day in and day out.


So here’s to winter semester; may you have a great one collegiettes!


Josie Fome is a graduate student in Journalism. She loves to read, write and enjoy the ocassional Netflix binge. She's quick to extend motivation and encouragement wherever needed. In her spare time, you can (try) to catch her sneaking onto rooftops for breathtaking skyline views.
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