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Five Great Things About Fall Other Than Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Fall is here and, depending on the kind of person you are, that could mean very different things. There are people (like my roommate) who mourn the end of summer by hating on all things fall, and there are people who embrace fall with full force. I’ve put together this list because I am that second type of person— my love for fall knows no bounds. Hopefully this will get you excited about fall, regardless of the type of person you are.


Fall clothing is hands down the best type of clothing. The outfit styles better and you no longer have to worry about being constantly sweaty and sticky like in the summer. Furthermore, fall outfits are super helpful. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a beanie. Is your t-shirt stained? Pick out a sweater to cover it up. Are your legs not shaved? No problem! Slip on a pair of pants or cute tights and no one will ever know. Fall fashion is like a friend who brings you coffee when you forget yours at home— it’s got your back. 


Television programming is at its prime during the fall. All our favourite shows come back with new episodes to indulge in instead of doing reading assignments. Even Netflix releases new originals during this season. As the heat of summer fades, the greatness of television is revived. Personally, I’d take a good episode of “How to Get Away with Murder” over a hot day anytime.


Forgive me, this is going to get a bit cheesy, but have you seen the colours that come along with fall? Have you? Before we sink into the drab and grey of winter, enjoy the whirlwind of reds, browns and yellows that are all around! Do yourself a favour; take a trip to the Old Port this October. I guarantee you’ll feel like Pocahontas singing “Colours of the Wind” in no time. 

THANKSGIVING (Specifically the food)

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is in October. For us at Concordia, I’m sure we are all thankful to have Thanksgiving Monday off so that we can try to tackle the mountain of assignments we’ve been procrastinating on. Let’s be honest though, we aren’t counting down the days to a weekend of being thankful with extended family members asking us what we plan to do with our major (“I don’t know.”) or if we have a significant other (“Not yet, Aunt Janice.”). We are counting down the days until we can indulge in the food that comes with the tradition of Thanksgiving— pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing and, although controversial, cranberry sauce. Overall, it is a blissful time filled with good food. 


I know that Halloween has some points against it (i.e. drunken youths running rampant) but it also has some good elements. First, it’s a chance to take a break from your (study) life for a night and become something else. It might seem silly but it’s a once-a-year opportunity, so might as well take advantage of it. Second, there are so many parties and events to attend that you will actually have too many choices. Third, if clubbing isn’t your thing, you can always head over to the annual live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture show instead. Not only are you encouraged to dress up to watch the performance, but you also get to participate in the show. Finally, if everything I’ve said still is not your thing, well, staying home to watch classic Halloween movies is a totally acceptable alternative. Be sure to take full advantage of the massive amounts of candy that fill grocery store aisles at this time of year. (Be sure to go stock up the day after Halloween when all the candy is half off!) 


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Jenny Mourad

Concordia CA

Jenny is a Communication and Cultural Studies student with a minor in Psychology. She is your average multicultural, book reading, Netflix watching, wine loving girl. She is passionate about all sorts of topics but has a special place in her heart for representation in the media. She doesn't know what the future holds for her but she is excited to find out.
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