Five of the Best Bars on Avenue Mont Royal East

Whether you’re in the mood for a wild night out or an interesting cocktail to sip on with close friends, Montreal’s nightlife scene will provide you with what you’re looking for. Some of Montreal’s neighbourhoods are more notorious for their exciting nightlife than others. At the top of the list is the Plateau. Narrowing in on Avenue Mont-Royal, a street filled with bustling life and excitement nestled right in the centre of Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood, we can find a myriad of bars that will surely tickle your fancy when it comes to serving the best cocktails, beers, and parties in town.


1. Le Royal Bar



This secretive speakeasy-style cocktail bar is situated on the level below the more visible wine bar Le Rouge Gorge (which, by the way, is totally worth a visit for 5 à 7 wine and gourmet snacks.) Le Royal Bar offers originally thought-up cocktails made with a variety of sought-after liqueurs by their master mixologists, and absolutely none of them are boring. There is also a large selection of sparkling wines and champagnes on the menu, which will help you channel your inner Great Gatsby. The irreproachable creative and delicious cocktail menu is set to the backdrop of impeccable 20s-era decor and funky RnB and hip-hop tracks spun by their house DJ. Go see their website or pay them a visit in person at 1232 Avenue Mont-Royal East.


2. Pub West Shefford



This pub is lit literally every night of the week. Go on a Monday for quiz night and karaoke, or on a Friday for a crazy dance party. The pub’s DJ spins actual records, and the bartenders serve some seriously good beer. The West Shefford Brewing Company owns the pub, making it one of the carefully selected locations where Montrealers can enjoy their beers. Their mission seeks to demystify microbrewery beers, giving their craft beers names like “C’te sorte là” (that kind) and “L’autre sorte” (the other kind). In all, the pub gives off a friendly vibe that, along with their simple selection of delicious beers, is available to be enjoyed every night of the week. To know more about the West Shefford Brewing Company, visit their website. Pub West Shefford is located at 1562 Avenue Mont-Royal East.


3. Barraca



Barraca is a rum bar just a short walk away from Mont-Royal metro. Their impressive list of rums is a rare sight in Montreal. Absolutely no worries if you’re a total novice (i.e. you’ve only ever tasted Bacardi), because the knowledgeable staff will guide you through their menu, explaining the kinds of flavours and smells you can expect from each rum. If you visit Barraca, you can definitely expect new experiences and delightful discoveries. The cocktail list features rum classics such as mojitos, mai tais, and pina coladas, paired with a small selection of tequila cocktails like margaritas. That reminds me, Barraca also has a pretty wide selection of tequilas that you can savour along with their eclectic musical soundtracks and beach-y vibes. You can visit their website and consult their menu here or go have a drink at 1134 Avenue Mont-Royal East



4. Bily Kun



Inspired by an actual bar by the same name in the Czech Republic, Bily Kun offers Czech food and drink specialties along with jazz concerts almost every night of the week. The warm, romantic atmosphere created by the soothing music and the comfortable seating is perfect for a night out with someone special. Additionally, Bily Kun is the ideal place to visit if you’re into trying new things. Their Czech spirits list is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My favourite discovery is the Gold Slivovice aged 10 years, a prune liquor that is just sweet enough to tone down the high alcohol content. You can order their spirits served on ice, or order one of their Czech beers. Consult their website here ( and visit them in person at 354 Avenue Mont-Royal East.


5. Verre Bouteille



Verre Bouteille, an institution in the East-end of the Plateau, is a small, cozy bar with great beer and awesome live music. The bar seeks to promote local talents by offering them a platform to get their music out there. Verre Bouteille is seen today as being one of the many backbones supporting independent local music in Montreal. If you come for a concert, you will surely stay for the friendly and homey vibes. Consult their website here and make the trek to the East-end of the Plateau to pay them a visit in person at 2112 Avenue Mont-Royal East.