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First Kiss Horror Stories

Have you ever had that really bad first kiss with a girl or guy and wonder how you overcame such an embarrassing experience? Thankfully, I was able to interview enough students to learn that I was not the only one with a shameful first kiss experience.


It was maybe two weeks before my 20th birthday, and my last day in Rome. I had gone on a pub crawl and was pretty drunk. A good drunk, the type that makes you really social. I was talking to this guy for the most part of the night who, in retrospect, was really not my type. He was nice and also really drunk. At our last bar I danced with him and I knew he was going to kiss me. I remember thinking, “Just get it over with,” and I let him kiss me. It was slobbery and gross. Within seconds I turned my head to look for my friend. He didn’t notice and kept kissing my hair. I found my friend, and just walked away. Without a word, I simply walked away. I still can’t get over how uncharacteristic of me it was, but I find it funny.

–Amanda, 22, Concordia Student


I was thirteen and skipped class with a girl in my grade one day in high school. We were talking and I saw a moment to kiss her, so I did. We started making out and a teacher walked in. We both ended up getting detention. The worst part was when my mom asked me to explain to her why I got the detention.

–Anthony, 21, Concordia Student

We made out in a bush. He put his tongue in my mouth and it was the first time I had ever French kissed before, so I thought it was gross. While his tongue was in my mouth I asked, “Can we stop now?” But my question was muffled because we were still kissing. For like a week after, I kept gagging every time I remembered his tongue in my mouth.

–Tori, 22, Concordia Student


This was my first make out session that was a little more than a first kiss. I was at a party and I got pretty drunk. It was to the point where I probably would’ve thought that a telephone pole was attractive. Somehow my drunken self decided that I wanted to make out with one of my male friends, who I have never found cute and never will (thanks brain). So basically we started making out on this couch in front of EVERYONE, which made all the guests super uncomfortable. He wasn’t even a good kisser. On top of that, he was pretty drunk too so he drooled all over me. This decision will honestly haunt me until the day I die. People in high school brought it up all the time, even 3 years after said events took place.

–Hélène, 21, Concordia Student

When I was thirteen, I was dared to kiss this girl. I did it and it was my first ever kiss. I had peanut allergies growing up and my mom always told me that I had to ask a girl what she ate before kissing her to make sure that I wouldn’t get an allergic reaction. I of course didn’t do that – especially not for my first kiss. Immediately afterwards, my thirteen-year-old self couldn’t stop thinking that I was having an allergic reaction because I didn’t ask her what she ate. I told her I was sick and had to go home. When I got home I took a Benadryl and lied down for a while. I was totally fine but it was definitely a memorable first kiss.

–Peter, 21, McGill Student


The first time I ever made out with a guy was at the movies. I purposely sat next to him because I thought he was cute. I knew he had kissed girls before, so he would probably kiss me. At the time I was thirteen and had only pecked guys before. I waited for him to make the first move while holding his sweaty hand. A bit later he looked at me and I looked at him then he leaned in to kiss me. I didn’t know what to do with my mouth so I just kept it  wide open (as did he). There was a lot of saliva and it lasted very long. I was bored and grossed out so I started reciting the alphabet in my head over and over again. I think I said it ten times before he finally pulled away. Looking back on it, it was definitely the worst kiss I’ve ever had. I hope he kisses his current girlfriend much better than he kissed me 6 years ago!

-Kayley, 19, Concordia Student

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