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Events to Look Forward to in 2018

Another year has begun, and I’m sure we want nothing more than to make the most of it and to have it be “our best year yet.” Each year, I make a resolution. I don’t appreciate when people hate on the idea of New Year’s’ resolutions. I see nothing wrong with using the New Year as a motivator to better ourselves, and to explore new things! This being said, my New Year’s resolution is to have fun with what Montreal has to offer.



1. Les Miserables – Feb. 7 to 11


This being one of my favorite stories, I am gladly re-announcing (since it has already been announced) that it is coming to Montreal this February, and rumor has it that the production is beyond amazing for this tour! Quickly, in case you are unaware, Les Miserables is a story of an ex-convict who rebuilds himself and becomes mayor of a town.



2. Women’s Day – March 8


Get some of your girlfriends together and celebrate how far women have come! There are many things you can do, like volunteer at your school, grab your girls and go out for a nice dinner, have a girls night, watch documentaries and discuss how far we’ve come as women, and give yourselves some credit for contributing to women’s successes!



3. Sugar Shack – March


Take a weekend in March and head to a sugar shack at least once! When is the last time you went? I know the last time I went was in elementary school! This being said, I am going to take advantage of it this year and grab some of my friends to go with me!



4. The Schulich – April


If any of you are into classical music and performances, or if you’re looking to take a relative out to enjoy some classical performances, The Schulich is McGill University’s school of music which offers free classical and jazz performances most days of the month! But be careful, if this is something that interests you, don’t wait until school is out, because Schulich goes on break for the summer too!


Obviously the year doesn’t end in April, I will be writing a new article sometime later on this year to continue giving ideas for the months to come!

Kami Katopodis

Concordia CA '19

President of HC Concordia • Poet • Major in Human Relations • Minor in Diversity in the Contemporary World •
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