Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

 It seems like Halloween sneaks up on us every year, and sometimes, you don’t have the time, energy, or the creativity to think of a genius costume. As a student in university, I know that October can be stressful with midterms taking up your  time, so here are some witty, fun, or just plain easy last-minute Halloween costumes so you can still rock the Halloween season without the added stress.



  1. Emojis


            We all use them, and as long as you do the right pose in every photo, chances are everyone is going to recognize (and appreciate) this simple costume. Put on a red dress and dance the salsa, or grab a friend and wear matching black bodysuits and bunny ears, and you’ve got yourself an emoji costume.



            If you’re feeling like taking the easy way out, throw on a pink or purple (for girls) or blue (for boys) shirt and make a variety of hand gestures to be the default emoji person.



2) Striped Shirt Costumes


            If you own a striped shirt (preferably black and white), then you’re in luck: there are so many fun characters you can dress up as with this staple piece!



            Grab a black beret, red scarf, suspenders and white gloves, plus a little black and white face paint, and you’ve got yourself a mime. Or, get your hands on an eyepatch, put on some boots, wrap a black scarf around your head, and tie a necktie around your waist, and boom, you’re a pirate.



            Lastly, wearing a black toque and mask and drawing a dollar sign on an empty sack will have you ready to rob a bank (or pretend to, hopefully).



3) Puns


            My favourite category is full of hilarious pun costumes that will have people laughing, or groaning (or both!) at your ridiculous outfit all night.



            All you need is a gold medal and a bag of bread to be a breadwinner. Or, write “Go Ceilings!” on a plain T-shirt in sharpie, and top it off with some pom-poms, and you’re officially a ceiling fan.



            Cut out some pink construction paper to make piggie ears and tape them onto a pink headband (or pick some up from a costume store for minimal effort), and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket: pigs in a blanket. Tip: this one works best with a friend to embrace the term to its fullest.



            Saving the best for last, if you write “Life” on a “Hello My Name Is:” sticker, and carry around a basket of lemons to hand out, you become the phrase “When Life Gives You Lemons.” Plus you have a garnish for everyone’s drinks!


            With these low-effort costume suggestions, you don’t have to settle for a cat,  bunny, or the angel/devil duo ever again. Have fun, be safe, and stay spooky this Halloween!