Concordia Buildings as TV Characters

Concordia is a university which is so diverse, it can be difficult to keep track of who goes where and what building is what. When we are confined to a specific building, it can be easy to forget how many other Concordia faculties and structures exist on our campuses. Below is each Concordia building associated to a TV character from a show available on Netflix (which nearly guarantees that most students reading this article will know who we’re talking about).  


Sir George William, Downtown Campus

Hall: Phoebe Buffay - Friends

Similarly to those in the Hall building, Phoebe Buffay is caring and loving. She embraces any action to make the world a better place, especially in terms of animal cruelty and sustainability. She is also quite eccentric, and has a wide array of different interests ranging from music and art, to the body and to spirituality. In addition, the Hall building hosts so many different programs where students surrounding you specialize in such diverse fields. This is kind of like the people Phoebe is surrounded by. In the TV series, Phoebe is a masseuse, whereas her friends’ professions range from cooking, to data analysis, to acting.

LB: Betty Suarez – Ugly Betty

The library building recently just got the most beautiful makeover. It’s not our proudest attribute, but sadly appearances do matter to us humans. We are attracted to things which we are taught are beautiful. This relates to the TV show Ugly Betty, because she is a smart and savvy young girl who struggles for a long time with her appearance in order to reach her full potential. People do not respect and give her the positive attention she deserves until her braces are off and she has had an extreme makeover. Like the LB renovation, the makeover makes Betty smoking hot, and that is the point in the show where she gets a great promotion.

JMSB: Olivia Pope - Scandal

Although Olivia Pope works in politics and not business, she does have a lot in common with the students at Concordia’s business school. Firstly, Olivia is always in a crisis, as she works in the public relations of Washington politics, which relates directly to JMSB students during midterms or finals. Asking a JMSB student how they’re doing during midterms or finals will result in them complaining about all the 60 per cent weighted exams or how they’re going to afford all the crash courses they need to attend. Also, Olivia Pope lives a hectic and dramatic life, but somehow always manages to pull it together and be well-spoken when it counts. This relates directly to the students in this building during their final oral presentations or important networking events.

GM: Mrs. Foreman – That 70s Show

The GM building is the place you go for co-operative (co-op) education, administrative offices, student services and more. This building to me represents the parent of all the other buildings, like Mrs. Foreman in the 2000s sitcom That 70s Show. She is always looking over all the kids making sure they are healthy, fed, and well taken care of.

EV: Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

The EV building houses the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts faculties, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Ted Mosby reflects the individuals in this building as he is an architect who has a deep appreciation for building, technology and art. He is also an individual who is extremely hardworking but needs a push to get out of his comfort zone, especially to mingle with others.

FG: Scully & Hitchcock – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Faubourg is the building that no one is really sure what goes on inside. Scully and Hitchcock are two older officers in the precinct 99 who don’t really participate much in anything at all, but they are still part of their team. This relates to how the FG building is not really perceived as part of Concordia because of all the stores in and near it, but everyone still accepts the fact that it had classrooms in it.

Loyola Campus

SP: Mindy Lahiri – The Mindy Project

Let’s be real, who doesn’t feel super cool and professional when wearing a lab coat? The SP building, also known as the Richard J. Renaud Science Complex, holds Concordia’s scientific crowd. This building is crawling with future researchers in lab coats, who probably feel pretty good about themselves, just like Mindy Lahiri. This character plays an OB/GYN on the show The Mindy Project, and although she is quite cocky, she also takes her responsibilities extremely seriously and is pretty brilliant. However, like many students in SP, she also really likes to party and struggles regularly to have her life together.

CC: Leah Murphy – Grey’s Anatomy

The CC building, is that place no one even knows what the letters stand for but everyone at Loyola eventually has a class in it they dread going to. This building relates to Leah Murphy from Grey’s; a character that no one really likes very much and who they try to ditch, but she always sticks around. The building is hot, especially in the summer, and the classrooms in the basement aren’t anything to get excited about. CC and Leah Murphy aren’t hated; they just aren’t very loved.

CJ: Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

CJ, also known as the Communications and Journalism building, is filled with curious students, like Rory Gilmore. Communications and Journalism students are very analytical, like to get informed and have a wide range of interests. Similarly, Rory loves getting into debates, reading books simply for pleasure of learning and is interested in nearly everything. However, Rory and students in the CC building can fall into the habit of putting too much on their plates and indulging in some partying, as all students eventually do.

PY: Sam Keating – How to Get Away with Murder

Sam Keating is a psychologist and a professor on the show How to Get Away with Murder who reflects the PY building, known as the psychology building. This does not mean everyone who studies there is as twisted as he was, but they are alike in the way that they are all great listeners. This sometimes means they’re not always big talkers, therefore they could all have their own secrets like Sam.

Vanier Library: Bonnie Bennett – The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie plays a character who is rather quiet compared to the others and causes much less drama. However, she has incredible powers (yes, witch powers) and people often underestimate her capabilities. The Vanier Library is the same in the sense that it is the quieter, less known Concordia Library which gets less, but once students get in here they have the power to be extremely productive.