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Colourpop Brand Review – Too Good to be True?

As a frugal makeup lover, I’m always on the lookout for great budget finds. I had been hearing about the brand Colourpop from friends and beauty gurus alike for a while, but I only recently gave them a chance. On the site, Colourpop’s prices seemed too good to be true. A 12 shadow palette for $16 rivals some drugstore brands, but lip products for five to seven really intrigued me. While I’m pretty apprehensive about having to order and ship products to Canada, I definitely found the extra shipping costs worth it in the case of Colourpop. This brand is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to pay luxury prices to get quality makeup.


“Yes Please” Palette

This palette was the first I’ve purchased in a long time. When I was in high school I was always saving my money to buy the newest, most buzzed-about palette in the Youtube beauty vlogger sphere. Yet, recently, as a broke university kid, I haven’t been investing nearly as much. Let’s just say my Urban Decay “Naked palette” is on its last legs. So, there was a lot of anticipation riding on the “Yes Please” palette when it finally arrived in the mail. Gladly, it met pretty much all of my expectations.


First of all, the colour selection in this palette is ideal. There are enough neutral colours to construct a perfect day-to-day look. The medium brown in the crease plus the slightly shimmering off-white in the tear-duct and brow bone make for a perfect simple, go-to look.


Yet, when I bought this palette I was most excited for the shocking matte yellow and bright red. Yellow and red eye looks have been so trendy in the recent months, I couldn’t wait to try my hand at one. The yellow shade in the palette was okay, it did the job, yet it requires you to build it up a lot. When using it, I usually go in with my finger to apply and end up having to use about three layers to get the colour as vibrant as I’d like.


Overall, I would recommend this palette. It has a great colour selection, yet you might need to work at your look a bit to get the desired effect.


Super Shock Shadows

All over Instagram and Pinterest I’ve been seeing sparkly, ethereal eye looks, and I have been in the market to recreate them. That’s why when browsing Colourpop.com, the “Super Shock Shadows” jumped out to me. I ended up ordering a bright pink, periwinkle, and yellow.  


When I first tried applying them, I pushed way too hard into the product and I immediately hit the pan. A good thing to remember is that these shadows are a lot softer than your average cream eyeshadow, they only need the slightest pressure.


These shadow pots look like they pack a punch in their packaging. Yet, in application, they aren’t nearly as vibrant as you would imagine. On first layer, you get a lot of glitter, but not so much colour. This can be a good look if you’re going for a sheer look, so I wasn’t too upset by it.


When using “Super Shock Shadows,” I would recommend placing them overtop of a base colour if you want your look to be vibrant. They don’t pack too much of a pop of colour on their own. If you are using them on their own, it’s a good idea to use a primer underneath since they have a lot of slip.


Creme Lux Lipstick

I, like many makeup lovers, am always searching for the perfect nude lipstick. For me, “Appy” by Colourpop came pretty darn close. This colour makes a great nude for someone with fair to light skin like myself.


The formula on the “Creme Lux” lipsticks is incredibly moisturizing, perfect for covering your dry winter lips. Yet, this is the type of lipstick you will have to reapply throughout the day. It will last you through class, but it will not last you through a coffee or a meal. I guess that’s the trade-off for it’s moisturizing creaminess, but it can be a real bother if you plan on wearing it on a night out.


“She” Palette

The colours in this palette screams romance. Likely formulated as a dupe for the Anastasia “Modern Renaissance Palette” with its pinks, reds and burnt oranges, “She” gets the job done. I was most excited for the deep maroon colour in this palette, and was happily surprised by its pigment and blendability.


The main issue I have with it is the lack of neutral blending tones. I planned on using solely this palette to create my redish-pink valentines day look, yet had to dip in to “Yes Please” for a matte brown tone to blend with. This palette would be great as an addition to a well-stocked makeup collection, but definitely not as a starting point since it is missing those matte blending tones.


Yet, “She’s” shimmering pink tones are to die for. The middle warm pink colours “mademoiselle”, “empress” and “gal” make amazing lid colours for any skin tone.


Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

When ordering from Colourpop, I knew I had to try the liquid lipsticks, since that seems to be what they’re known for. So, I went all in and went with a deep wine shade, “Rooch”. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula of this liquid lip. It was a bit drying, but I have yet to find a liquid lip that isn’t. The pigment went on perfectly, it didn’t accentuate any lines or cracks in my lips. The doe-foot applicator made it quite easy to get the perfect lip shape.


In terms of how it lasted over time, it did the job well enough, but didn’t wow me. The liquid lip stood up to the test of coffee, with very little transfer onto my mug. Yet, it was a little treacherous to eat dinner with it on, I found myself checking my phone camera fairly often to address the damage. I found the colour feathered out a bit when I wore it throughout a day in class, By the end of the day, the colour was still very vibrant but my lip line wasn’t nearly as sharp. For the price, this is a good liquid lip option, yet it does require some upkeep.


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