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Finding the perfect skin, hair and beauty routine can be frustrating. However, quick little beauty hacks that are as simple as changing the temperature of the water you wash your hair with can completely change your life. Below are my top beauty tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that you need to try.

Castor Oil For Eyelash And Brow Growth:

Castor oil has hydrating and nourishing properties that can help grow your eyelashes and eyebrows, while also keeping them moisturized. Coat your eyelashes or eyebrows with the oil before bed every night and let it do its magic. In order to see noticeable results, consistency is key!.

Using White Eyeliner To Give The Effect Of Larger Eyes:

Using white eyeliner is a simple step in your makeup routine that can make a world of difference. By applying a thin layer of white liner on your waterline, not only will it instantly make you look more awake, but it will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter too.

Using Hairspray As Eyebrow Gel:

There’s nothing more frustrating than applying eyebrow gel and later seeing that your eyebrows are all out of place. Using a bit of hairspray on your brows will set them in place and ensure that it will last all day long. Simply take a spoolie or an old mascara wand, spray it with hairspray and brush away!

Satin Pillowcase For Healthy Skin And Hair:

Because we tend to toss and turn while sleeping, the friction between our hair and the pillowcase can cause damage to our skin and hair without us realizing. The constant movement against abrasive fabrics can cause wrinkles, creases and split ends. Because silk is soft and smooth, there will be less tugging of the skin and hair. Not to mention these pillowcases are much more comfortable than the traditional cotton ones, so you could be comfortable and take care of your skin and hair while resting.

Using Tape To Get The Perfect Eyeliner Wing:

Getting the  perfect winged liner can seem impossible. No matter how much practice I get, I still can’t get it right! Luckily with this hack, you can get a sharp wing and save time doing it. Take a piece of scotch tape, stick it to the ends of your eyes to the angle of your liking and use an eyeliner of choice to draw the wing. Once you are satisfied with the line, remove the tape and voila! If you want to take it an extra step to make it even more perfect, apply a small amount of concealer using an angled brush right under the wing to clean it up.

Blow Drying Hair Upside Down To Get Extra Volume:

If you’re looking to give your hair that extra boost of volume without having to go to the salon, this hair hack is for you. Next time you’re blow drying your hair, flip your hair upside down and blow dry from the back, using your hair brush towards the ground. This helps lift your roots on your scalp giving you that "just got out of the salon" voluminous look in minutes!

Using Dry Shampoo The Night Before:

It might seem like the obvious time to use dry shampoo is when your hair is looking noticeably oily but the best time to use it is actually the night before. If you know that you’re going to skip a wash day, try applying  dry shampoo the night before even if it still looks clean. This will give the shampoo time to absorb the oil in your hair while you sleep and give you flawless, voluminous, clean looking hair the morning after. 

Mix Foundation With Moisturizer For Natural Look:

For those days that you’re going for a more natural look but still want some coverage, you don’t need to invest in a new tinted moisturizer. Instead, make your own! I like to mix my foundation with my everyday moisturizer for those no makeup-makeup days.

Rinse Hair With Cold Water For Smooth, Shiny Hair:

Rinsing with warm water can often cause hair to frizz up. In order to avoid this, I like to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair using cold water instead. Using cold water helps lock in the moisture, close the hair cuticle, and also make your  soft and shiny.

Making Perfume Last Longer:

Have a favorite perfume that unfortunately doesn’t have much lasting power? I got you covered! The most effective way to ensure that your perfume lasts all day is by applying a bit of vaseline on the areas you usually spray, right before applying your fragrance. The ointment will quickly lock in the scent and make it last for hours. Or, try spraying the perfume onto your hair brush and sweeping it through your hair.



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Jacqueline Cohen

Concordia CA '23

Jacqueline Cohen is a first year marketing student at Concordia University. She has a passion for travel, music, beauty and fashion.
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