Bácaro Urbain Pizzeria Review

Did you notice last fall that empty space next to the Concordia Faubourg Building? As of early December, it has been occupied by Bácaro Urban Pizzeria. I’ve passed by a few times, and luckily, was stopped by an employee giving out coupons one day. The discount ended February 13, so I decided this was my shot to try it out!

I first noticed that the restaurant gave off a casual vibe. It was a Monday evening so there were not that many people around, compared to a busy weekend night on Saint Catherine. I took a seat with my friends in a booth by a mural of Italian postcards.

According to the restaurant’s website, the word “Bácaro” is Venetian jargon, meaning a location that serves mainly simple, classic Italian food. Their Facebook page promises “wood-fired pizzas, oven-baked pastas, and great, homemade  Nutella-based desserts.”

I shared the Bolzano pizza with a friend: it was a perfect mix of tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, prosciutto, ricotta, and fresh spinach on a crispy crust. It was mouth-watering just to look at!

After the pizza, we needed dessert. We scanned the Nutella-themed menu, struggling to decide on only one dessert. I ended up taking the panettone, an Italian sweet bread,  which I devoured despite being full.

As far as prices go, I’d say their menu is a little over a regular student’s budget. I’d suggest sharing their pizzas with others. Pizza prices vary between $14 and $22, so splitting the cost isn’t so bad, giving you each two delicious slices while staying within budget. It makes the price tag totally worth it.

There are a few Bácaro Urban Pizzeria locations scattered around Montreal. There’s one in Monkland, Westmount, Lachine, and Faubourg downtown. Thankfully, wherever you happen to be, there’s a great spot nearby for authentic Italian pizza!


Check out their Facebook page or website