5 Reasons To Celebrate More

Celebrating the big moments in life is important. Celebrating the smaller moments is often overlooked, but a great idea too! The celebration doesn’t have to be a big party with champagne and confetti every time, treating yourself for what you’ve accomplished can be a way to celebrate. Doing so will encourage you to do more and make you feel proud of yourself, which is always a nice feeling. Finishing a long assignment, getting a good grade or being out of your comfort zone for a while are all small things that deserve a little more attention in everyday life. Difficult tasks should be accounted for, so celebrate them!

Here are reasons to celebrate more:


1.     Your accomplishments are worth being celebrated

The number one reason to celebrate more is to recognize what you have accomplished and achieved something. You put aspirations and effort into a goal, big or small, and you should acknowledge that with a little bit of festivity.



2.     You’ll feel happier

Celebrating your accomplishments is a way to recognize what you did and to be proud of yourself for it. Not only did you accomplish a challenge, but you also get to reward yourself for it. Two mood boosters in one! 


3.   It’s beneficial for your brain 

When you do something good, your brain releases signals of ‘feel-good chemicals’ that, indeed, make you feel good. Your brain will understand that what you did was rewarded and will be encouraged to carry out more tasks like this. Overall, it will make you want to achieve more because your reward system was activated. 



4.     Be your own cheerleader

Everyone is not going to appreciate your small accomplishments, so celebrate yourself in a way that makes you happy. My mom once told me, “no one has your back like yourself.” It is important to be proud of yourself for what you do. You don’t need anyone else’s approval but your own.



5.     Spread the celebration spirit

Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments too! Showing that you care and are proud of them for overcoming difficult moments demonstrates that you’re a good friend and that you are there for them. Be proud of yourselves and celebrate each other together.


Like many things, it is important not to over-celebrate. It should be treated as a special occasion for achievements. Otherwise, putting too much emphasis on the celebration will lose its value and benefit. Celebrate the things that are challenging and difficult for you.



Hopefully, these tips will motivate you and help you recognize the many confrontations you have surmounted. You learn and grow from your challenges, so celebrating them is a way to stay motivated and be proud of yourself for conquering them.