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I think I can speak for most of us when I say I have watched many movies in the past year. I had so much time on my hands that I decided to watch movies I had always wanted to see but never had the time. Throughout the year, I made a list of movies that I believe everyone should take the time to watch. Here are my top 5 movies I believe should be added to your watch list.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This 2014 West Anderson movie is a great comedy to watch if you are feeling witty and sarcastic. It is the story of Gustave, a famous concierge who works in this fantastic hotel during the 20th century. Gustave is framed for a murder that takes place. To prove his innocence, he goes on a quest with his new friend Zero. Full of humor as well as action, this movie is a classic and a must-watch.



Action, suspense, romance, you will get it all in Speed. The 1994 movie directed by Jan de Bont is the story of a bomb squad officer, Jack Traven who faces a terrorist attack. He has to dismember a bomb that is placed on a public transit bus. To keep the bomb from going off, the bus must keep its speed at 50 miles an hour. This is when he meets Annie Porter, a samaritan that was on the bus. She  ends up driving the bus to help the bomb squad. If you are a person that loves a good action movie with a sprinkle of romance, this is the movie for you.

The Other Sister

Garry Marshall’s 1999 romantic comedy is the story of Carla Tate, a slightly mentally disabled young woman. It follows her journey of living her dream life. The touching film shows the struggle of a family not wanting to let their disabled child go out into the real world, andthe ambition the main character has to achieve her goals, such as living on her own and finding the love of her life. It is a beautiful story. This one is a tear-jerker, so grab your tissues!

Blue Jay

This is another sad yet beautiful movie. Directed by Mark Duplass in 2016, it is the story of high school sweethearts who lose touch and bump into each other in their hometown a couple of decades later. Amanda, the main female character, is married. She came back to their hometown to visit her pregnant sister. Jim, the main male character, just lost his mother and is now restoring her home. They decide to go out for a coffee and spend the entire night at Jim’s house, where the entire movie takes place. Even though they still have a visible connection, you can tell there is tension between them. A secret is unveiled at the end of the movie that will break your heart. This was such a brilliant movie that was also completely improvised, it is a must-watch.

The Proposal

You cannot have a movie list without a good old romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock. The proposal, directed by Anne Fletcher in 2009, is the story of Margaret Tate, a well-known editor in chief at a book publishing company in New York City, as well as her assistant Andrew Paxton. Margaret is known as an evil woman that no one likes, including Andrew. However, one day, Margaret is confronted by her boss telling her that her visa has expired and she has to leave the company and move back to Canada. To keep her job, she fakes her engagement with Andrew. After some blackmailing on Margaret’s side, Andrew agrees to marry her so she can have a new visa. The catch was that she had to go with Andrew to visit his family in Alaska. During their time in Alaska, some realizations happen. Are they in love? Is Margaret going to keep her side of the bargain?

Those are my top 5 movies that I believe everyone should take the time to watch. They are all amazing in their own ways and will touch each person in different ways. They are definitely worth adding to your watch list!

Émilie Tittel

Concordia CA '22

I am a second generation Concordian. I am studying in Leisure Sciences in the hopes of working in schools and creating programs that would increase motivation in all students, inspired from my life as a dyslexic in our school system. Passionate about anything music, figure skating, and bullet journaling.
Kheyra King

Concordia CA '21

Kheyra King is a Montreal-born city girl studying English Literature at Concordia University. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Concordia and the Vice President of Recruitment of Delta Phi Epsilon. She loves coffee dates, traveling and pasta. You will definitely catch her studying at the local Starbucks or Webster Library.