5 Feel Good Albums to Get You Excited For Spring

Like most people, what I look for in albums is guided by many factors. These include mood, genre trends, aesthetics, and most importantly, seasons. When the ice starts to melt and I can finally see the sun again, I tend to look for music that will match my summery mood. These albums are the perfect companion to all your spring activities.


Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae’s most recent album Dirty Computer oozes of a fun-loving yet empowering vibe that is addictive. This album basically tells you “the world sucks now, let’s party,” and I think that’s a message  we can all relate to. One song that embodies that idea is “Screwed,” where Janelle along with Zoe Kravitz sings “Let's get screwed/ I don't care/ You fucked the world up now, we'll fuck it all back down/ Let's get, let's get screwed ” on top of a super danceable beat. This album is full of songs that are as thought provoking as they are fun. Another stand-out track is “Make Me Feel,” which is a sort-of rework of Prince’s “Kiss.” It’s a great lowkey dance track with the perfect amount of sex appeal. Just listening to Dirty Computer will make you want to throw a pool party and dance all day with your friends.

Hinds - I Don’t Run

Hinds is the perfect band to bring in the warmer months. This millennial Spanish girl group has a youthful and quirky style that’s sure to be the soundtrack to your next summer road trip. Their most recent work I Don’t Run sports funky driving bass, catchy guitar riffs, and fun lyrics to create a super summery vibe that just begs to be played at a picnic. There’s a messiness to this album which is really endearing, both in the low-fi production of the tunes and in the often angsty lyrics about failed relationships. Hinds doesn’t take themselves too seriously and neither should you.

Misun - Superstitions

There are certain bands that just sound like summer, Misun is one of those bands. Even though this album came out in 2014, I continue to play it everytime the sun comes back out from hiding. Packed with nostalgic nods to 1960s rock, Misun’s Superstitions is the perfect laid back pop album for the warm months. If you’re an old soul looking for an album that brings your favourite sounds into the 21st century, definitely give Superstitions a try.

HAIM - Something to Tell You

Since their first full length release in 2013, the sister trio HAIM has been taking the alternative scene by storm. The sisters returned in 2017 with Something to Tell You right in time for spring. This album is packed with glistening indie pop tracks that will get you on your feet. On HAIM’s upbeat tracks, there’s a joy that radiates through their music and its infectious. “Want You Back” is an especially catchy song on the album, which is able to bridge melancholy break up lyrics with percussion you can’t help but groove to. This album has the sun-soaked feeling that’s come to be expected from this California band.

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

Bitte Orca sits in the middle of Dirty Projectors’ discography, yet is a major highlight. This album pairs lovely guitar picking with sweet string sections to create a beautiful overall aesthetic. The musicality of this album along with the mostly chirpy vocals give it a woodsy and springy feel. This is the type of album that makes you want to go out into nature and try to parse out the psychedelic lyrics. This album is one of the best chamber pop records of the past decade, it’s brightness and beautiful composition is hard to get out of your head.