Why Our Black Men Should Appreciate Our Black Women More Than Ever

We have couples like Beyoncé and Jay Z, Barack and Michelle Obama (forever my President), Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade and Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor. When we look at these couples we think black success, black love, and black men who LOVE and appreciate our women. Only thing is...why just these couples? Why can’t our black men appreciate our black women like this everytime? Whereas when we have an artist like Nicki Minaj she’s overly sexualized and less praised for her music.


Courtesy Wikipedia

AllHipHop’s CEO Chuck Creekmur, wrote a letter to Nicki Minaj back in 2014 about her Anaconda cover where she was showing her backside saying how he felt, “The art: your booty in a thong. As a man, I can appreciate the virtues of your perfect posterior. The dad guy [him] is not a happy camper, particularly now that his lil’ girl is transitioning into a young lady.” The letter was pointless because as we all know Nicki still went on living her best life.

Here’s where things went wrong with that statement said: He stated how he appreciates her rear end but still doesn’t want her posing like that because he has a younger daughter who possibly listens to her music. How about instead of congratulating her on her behind, why not congratulate her on the single? Along with teaching your children to know what they should and shouldn’t be listening to may also help. Saying things like, “as a man” does not make anything better. Nicki Minaj has always been in my heart best female rapper in the game. But, one thing I hate is when men, especially black men, oversexualize a black woman’s body!

Courtesy: New York Times

Someone we should be congratulating is Cardi B who just won a grammy for best rap album. Can’t we all agree that’s amazing? Belcalis Almanzar is originally from Bronx, New York and started making money as a stripper eventually getting her start on Love and Hip Hop and being known for her crazy no filter personality. Artists like Cardi should be praised for her work from her start to where she is now. A GRAMMY WINNER!

These powerful women have made an impact on our music and younger women today. Instead of  praising Nicki for her curves how about praising her for her music. Along with Cardi who just won a Grammy and was speechless on stage. It’d be nice to see that our black men love our women for who they are and what they’ve become. Not just over sexualizing their bodies.