Why It’s Great to Be Single During the Holidays

The holiday season is officially here and love is very strong in the air. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I wish mistletoes didn’t exist, couples weren’t ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE and I wasn’t constantly reminded that yet again I am single for the holidays. If this is you, then don’t worry - you and I are in the same boat. But I am here to remind you that it is also a great thing to be single during the holidays. So if you need a little reminder, here are a few reasons why it’s great to be single during the holidays.

  • You Don’t Have To Worry About Buying Gifts

Having to think about the gifts that I’m buying for my family is already a stressful thing on its own - what they say they want, what they actually want, etc. And if that isn’t hard, imagine what it’s like having to do it for the person you’re dating. You want to give a good impression yet take a look at your bank account and also think about when you’re going to give it to them and not one-upping them - it can just be a hot mess. So thank goodness you can spend that extra gift money on a gift for yourself.

  • Avoiding Meeting the Family

This is the part that gets sticky. If you decide to spend the holidays with one of your families and you’re meeting each other for the first time, it can get super awkward. You’re the newbie coming into the situation during the holidays, so you meet all the members of the family all at the same time, which can get overwhelming. And even if you’ve met them before, because it’s the holidays you may meet more people that you didn’t even know existed. If you’re single, all you have to worry about is making sure you talk to each of your family members and catching up over eggnog or hot chocolate.

  • The Awkward Conversations

There’s a bunch of different conversations that are had this time of year that will easily be avoided when you’re single. Consider the prequel and sequel of meeting the family. You won’t have to have that in-between conversation with whoever you’re dating of where you’re going to be spending the holidays. you won’t have to talk about which family you want to see more or maybe spending the holidays just the two of you or how you’re going to make communication work while you’re separated and you each go home for the holidays. Then there are the awkward conversations with the family. The bombardment of “where do you two see each other in five years?”, “are you having sex?”, “when do you plan on getting married?” and “how long do you think this is really going to last?” will not be things you have to think about. You won’t have to worry about pleasing everyone being single and you can let out a big breath of relief.

  • The Pressures of PDA

It seems as though every turn you make this time of year there’s a mistletoe hanging on a string, or couples are making out or taking Instagram pictures with the snow falling from the sky. It seems like there’s a lot of pressure to be in a perfect relationship that is worthy of being plastered all over social media. Holidays can already have pressures that are beginning to consume us like you wouldn’t believe, so being single makes the PDA pressure one less thing to worry about.

  • You’re The Sole Focus

Now that you’re going to be on holiday break, you can be excited that you don’t have to go to school. You can also work a little more and make more money. You know what else you can do? WHATEVER YOU WANT. You can stay in and watch movies and stuff your face with cookies and not worry about having to get ready for a date. You can say no to social outings and not have to worry about your S.O.’s office holiday party and meeting their coworkers and bosses. Or you can finally catch up with your girls and not worry about making someone else feel bad because you’re not going out or leaving them behind during the time you have to breathe. You can just take time for you and be free. You can also attend whatever holiday parties you want and find yourself a New Year’s date. ;)

So whether you’re single or taken during the holidays you’re going to have a great time.