What Are Your Intentions?

He likes me, he likes me not, he likes me...so he likes me or not?

A lot of us women have so many cases where a cute guy will like our pictures on Instagram or send you heart eyeball emoji’s on Snapchat. But what does this mean? From the DM’s, to texting, to facetime calls you don’t really know where this is going. No one likes to rush things but it’d be great to know one’s intentions. Mixed signals are no fun and neither is someone who doesn’t know what they want. Can I get an AMEN?

Getting to know someone is cool and all but having to figure them out is what’s tricky. No one truly knows what they’ll have with a person until they get to know them, especially after those first few dates. Texting and flirting is fun and so are the hour long facetime calls, but we need substance ladies! We need to know what this person wants from us.

Guys can be hard to figure out sometimes. When you’re in your 20’s, everyone is getting to know what they want in a relationship. It’s great to be honest about what you want. If it’s just friends say that! If it’s just sex, say that! If it’s just because your bored, get out of my messages!

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A lot of us tend to know what we want in a guy. We want a man who is hard-working, cares about his family, dresses nice, sweet, humorous and has a lil bit of money of course. For a man it can be the total opposite. They might not even want a relationship. Just someone to chill or hookup with and if that’s not you sis, you can do better. I’ve had a guy after 5 months of us “talking” and him telling me I was his only focus get back with his ex girlfriend. So you mean to tell me you weren’t honest with me from the jump? What were your real intentions?

I won’t lie to you. Yes, it is nice to have just that someone you can hang out with, talk to all the time and maybe even cuddle with. But, one thing you can’t say is feelings won’t get involved. Which is why people deserve honesty on why you slid in their DM’s in the first place. Gentlemen, please be honest with us women. Tell us why you were flirting and why you just want to be friends or have a cuddle buddy. We deserve the truth! Of course you guys do too.