We Love College Pets

For this article, I’ve decided to brighten your week by putting together a collection of pets from college students. Along with these adorable pictures are the pets’ names and breed, courtesy of the owners. Interested in showing off your college pet(s)? Email me at [email protected] for your sweetie to be featured!

Bambi, Manchester Terrier

Courtesy: Aley Blanchard

Bradshaw & Kobe, Yellow Lab and Mix

Courtesy: Eric Menendez

Gidget, Papillion & Cavalier King Charles mix

Courtesy: Elizabeth Hill

Hattie, unknown (rescue)​

Courtesy: Ally Stegman

Jasper, German Shorthaired Pointer

Courtesy: Jessica Ballou-Hunt

OJ & Beneatha, Chickens

Courtesy: Megan Dufour

Roxy, Labradoodle

Courtesy: Simona Costanzi

Susie, Pug

Courtesy: Brennan Hoag

Toby, Mini Rat Terrier

Courtesy: Cameron Turner

Willow, unknown

Courtesy: Samaeli Lagunas

Zeus, Boxer

Courtesy: Allyssa Maxson