Unique Date Ideas Around Chicago

Everyone knows trying to figure out where to take a date is hard. You don’t want to be cliche and use the cop-out date of dinner and a movie, or a meet up at a coffee shop. Now’s the time to be different and take that person on a date that they’ll remember. Here’s a few unique date ideas (in the Chicagoland area) to help you get the ball rolling.


It’s kind of an uncommon hobbie that most people don’t talk about but many are curious of. Archery Bow Range Chicago is a great place to learn quickly, but efficiently, how to shoot a bow and arrow. You don’t even need to call ahead and make a reservation, they do walk-ins and you and your date will learn firsthand from a professional all the safety and technique.

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It cost $20 per person and after that it’s only $15 if you want to shoot again. The price includes the bow, arrows, fingerguard (if needed) and professional instruction. The staff is very laid back and will even tease you a little, but no worries, it’s all lighthearted and will make you laugh; it might even break some nervousness you’re having from your date.

You get a full hour of shooting and if you and your date are both competitive, you can even make a game out of it and a little bet. Wager whoever loses has to buy the desert, something light and cute to ease the tension.


It’s a stress free environment with a slight competition. If you’re heading out to the suburbs for the weekend, Main Event is the place for you. The game of billiards is quite simple and not going to lie, it’s just inherently sexy. I don’t know, I think movies have  tricked my brain into thinking that a person leaned up against a pool table hitting the cue ball into another ball into one of the holes... oh I get it now. Nonetheless, it’s a little cheesy to do the whole “oh let me get behind you and show you how to play pool” trick, but it’s not an activity most couples think to do. Give it a try!

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You can pay separately to play billiards if you’re looking to save some money but they also have bowling, arcade games and other exciting activities to do with your date

Main Event also houses a pizza restaurant and another dine-in restaurant so you can spend your entire night all in the same building with no hassle.

Axe Throwing​

This is for all you angry couples out there that need to get some aggression out. Bad Axe Throwing Chicago located in the West Loop and Lakeview, is the perfect place to be to throw some axes at a target. This is definitely an activity that will throw off your date once you tell them this is where you’re taking them, but nonetheless still exciting

The price ranges from $35-$45 depending on the day, for about an hour of axe throwing. They include the axes and instruction on how to properly and safely throw the axe.

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It not only shows off your strength but if you both had a bad week and need an outlet, this is it. Most likely this will relieve all your stress and your partner’s stress, and you can make a quick competition of it too, you’ll end up laughing at each other and at yourself at the end of the night.

Bad Axe also has a lounge area where customers who bring their own food can chill and relax after heaving axes towards a wooden target. To add on to the full date experience, pack a picnic! Your date will appreciate all the effort you put in and it’ll be a nice way to cap your night.

Tilt at the John Hancock​

For that less competitive stance, and a nice view that isn’t your date, Tilt at the John Hancock is in the middle of downtown and is the perfect place to take your date.

The John Hancock, one of the beautiful skyscrapers in Chicago, offers an experience of a lifetime for people of all ages. You lean against the side window of the building, taking in the view from 1,030 feet up, and then the motorized system tilts you forward just enough to give you that adrenaline rush as if you’re on a roller coaster.

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It’s an experience that you and your date will never forget. After, you can walk around the downtown area, go shopping on Michigan Ave, try the Ghirardelli Cafe, the options are endless. Just make sure that your date doesn’t have a fear of heights!