The Types of Men NOT to Date

It’s time to buckle down and focus on yourself sis!

I’m pretty sure you too have felt like you weren’t good enough or didn’t feel that confident anymore. I know I’ve had my fair share of crazy men. How about stopping by at your job after you cut HIM off? Yeah, wild. That’s the kind of guy to NOT date.

Misty Ogbara,one of my best friends has had the crazy guy. This guy blows up your phone, calls you “baby” instead of your name, has stalker-ish tendencies overall. “One day I went to get an emissions test. The guy who waited on me introduced himself and we exchanged numbers. We texted for a while and then he started acting crazy, started asking me where I was at all the time, and if I didn’t pick up his phone calls he would remind me that he knew where I lived. I instantly blocked him!” Yeah CRAZY! That’s it. That’s the tweet. 

Kendell Ryan, a good friend of mine, has dealt with the type we’ve all had, the type that makes you think you’re crazy. “He was just immature and refused to commit and wanted me to do girlfriend shit without making me his girlfriend.” Ladies... TSK TSK TSK! This the number one warning sign! Do what’s best for yourself first instead of trying to figure out what you guys are at this point. If he’s not showing you, then don’t do it. Let him show you he wants a relationship first. A man show’s, a boy tells.

Overall ladies, keep your peace. Treat yourself until a man comes and shows you he wants you. Leave the stressful toxic boy while you can, or better yet , just don’t give out your number to men who work at car shops.