Treat Yourself Like You're Royalty with Queen V!

In need of some products to keep you feeling fresh? Don’t have a ton of money to waste on big name companies that may not even work? Look no further! Queen V is the one stop shop for all of the sexual hygiene products you need!

If you have a vagina (or like the owner smartly named hers, a Queen V), chances are, you are using products that aren’t exactly healthy for you. Most products advertised these days have chemicals in them and actually throw off the normal pH that your vagina needs. Queen V has had life-saving products since it began. They’ve had lube, a deodorizing spritzer, bubble bath, cleansing soap and more that are all specially and scientifically made for your vagina. Their products are   all cruelty free, pH balancing and recommended by gynecologists all over.

And breaking news! On March 11th, their new line dropped! And I’m here to tell you all about it.

First off, let me decode the different colors for you. The blue products are all useful in upkeep and general health with your vagina. The pink is for personal (and potentially with partners, of course) enjoyment and fun. The green is for healing and fixing issues like infection, pain, and irritation. Now that you get the colors, let’s get to the new and exciting products women everywhere are raving about!

1.) "Queen It Up”

Queen V

The key to this unique wash for your downstairs area is that it’s main purpose is to balance your natural pH. It doesn’t offset the natural chemistry of your vagina- instead, it actually helps it flourish! It helps fight off infection and just helps to feel generally clean. Most washes have chemicals that are not meant to go anywhere near that sensitive area, and the “Queen It Up” washes without irritation, all while smelling like green tea and aloe.

2.) “You’re the **hit”

Queen V

These are the life savers that no one ever wants to admit they need. Let’s be real. Everyone poops. And sometimes, you need a little extra wipe! These wet wipes help keep unnecessary bacteria from entering anywhere unwanted. They keep you free from infection and irritation, all coming in an easy package!

3.) “Royal Pain”

Queen V

I have never been more excited for a product. During my period, I suffer insane headaches and cramps, as do most people! And this is the perfect solution. It’s a spray made of a concoction of essential oils such as lavender and cardamom. You aim it at a painful area and just spritz! It’s meant to reduce your pain when it’s your time of the month and sounds like an absolute lifesaver.

4.) “Livin’ the Libido Loca”

Queen V

This is the third capsule product that Queen V have come out with and it’s one that people are most excited about! It increases libido and desire for sexual experiences by increasing the blood flow in your vagina. It also is designed to help with vaginal dryness, which is a problem everyone experiences at least once in their life! They can be taken right before engaging in sexual activity and come with fast results.

5.) “On Your Mark”

Queen V

There are just two words to describe this product. Thank. God. Stretch marks are the cause of many insecurities for a lot of people, and this product works to prevent them before and during their formation. It’s also soothing, as it’s made of beeswax and shea butter, and is a must have if your ‘tiger stripes’ cause you to be any kind of self conscious.

6.) “Itch Don’t Kill My Vibe”

Queen V

Sometimes, you get itchy down there. Don’t even try to say you don’t. Sometimes, it’s a constant feeling and ends up being the most annoying thing to deal with! This spray is designed to relieve the itching and fix irritation. With the calming tea tree and coconut oils, it’s the perfect combo to scratch that itch for you!

7.) “Rub Me the Right Way”

Queen V

Every thick thighed person can tell you that this product will be a life saver. With summer around the corner, everyone will need one of these in their bags. No one wants to experience the painful chafing of your thighs rubbing together. This product is the perfect solution! It hydrates with the shea butter and protects all day.

C’mon. If the clever names haven’t sold you on the products, the fact that they’re an absolute necessity has! After reading all those reviews, I know you want to buy one (or all) of these products! I’ll even help you! Use the code QVCampus15 to get 15% off when you order. So buy some of their new, or old, products and start taking care of your Queen V!