Top 10 Jhene Aiko Songs You’ll Fall in Love With

Jhene Aiko is like a breath of fresh air. She has a song for every situation, every emotion, every stage of life. It’s beautiful. Most may think to only listen to her when they’re going through something, her voice is so soothing and her lyrics are so relatable.

She sings about her life. The raw, unpretty reality of life.

I think all her songs are written and composed in a way that tells a story of love and loss. Both emotionally and physically.

She is candid about her heart breaks, motherhood, drug abuse, mental illness, peace, and serenity.

 I listen to her when I’m happy, mad, sad, annoyed, day or night she is a frequent artist on my playlist. The Slauson princess has helped me through so many emotional stages, that creating this list was difficult because all her songs serve different purposes, but here are my top 10 Jhene Aiko songs I have on repeat:

1)Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)- Sail Out

2) The Worst- Sail Out

3) Wading- Souled Out

4) Remember -Souled Out

5) Triggered (Freestyle)- Single

6) Promises-Souled Out

7) Sing to Me- Trip

8) When We Love- Trip

9) Nobody-Trip

10) New Balance-Trip

When creating this list I tried to explain the meaning behind each song, but I believe they all represent a unique stage in love. The top five represent the stages of heartbreak and break-ups. ‘Comfort Inn Ending’ is the beginning because it’s in the rawest form.

 She names people in the record she recounts her mindset in her decision-making and the incident in which she decided enough was enough. ‘Triggered’ is her most recent record and it expresses the same anger that she possessed in ‘Comfort Inn Ending’. ‘The Worst’ is kind of the calm after the storm, the anger has surpassed and the feeling of being heartbroken is prominent.

The bottom five represent newfound love. Self-love, love for her daughter, new love interest, it’s a turning point in the tone of her voice.

‘Nobody’ is a tricky song. Personally hands down one of my favorites, but I think it’s the middle ground of finding yourself after being heartbroken and before you can love again.

 ‘Promises’ and ‘Sing to Me’ are dedicated to her daughter Namiko. I love listening to these songs with my mom, they definitely get me emotional not going to lie, but I love them. ‘When We Love’ and ‘New Balance’ are self-explanatory. They’re songs about new love/relationships, a complete 180 in her voice, she sounds happy, bubbly and hopeful rather than angry, sad and vengeful.

Jhene is a master of her art. If my rant on her music hasn’t convinced you, go have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think! :)